From the Miniscule to the Massive: Take a Trip out of this World

Fancy venturing into another World for the day? Dundee Science Festival is taking visitors on some amazing journeys into new territories this week.

Head to ‘Out of this World’ at Menzieshill Community Centre on Thursday 2 November 2017 (4-7.30pm), with the chance to explore our solar system and distant galaxies. Can we make it to Mars and how did we get to the Moon?

This drop-in family event is free of charge, with no booking required.

This weekend, on Saturday 4 November 2017, come and join Gulliver on an immersive journey through different worlds. Follow the story of ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ and take a fresh look at our environment from varying perspectives, from tiny organisms to galaxies. What does it feel like to be a giant, looking down on everyone and everything? Do we realise how small we actually are, and what would Gulliver have explored if Jonathan Swift had written the book today?

Visitors can also explore the ‘Animal Kingdom’ at Dundee Science Centre on Sunday 5 November 2017. Find out about our furry companions and feathered friends, from guide dog puppies and ape psychology to local marine wildlife. Get to grips with the role we play in protecting the cute, cuddly and slimy creatures that roam, swim and fly amongst us.

Saturday and Sunday’s events will take place at Dundee Science Centre from 10am until 5pm, with 50% off standard entry fee each day.

Now in its eighth year, Dundee Science Festival runs from Saturday 28 October through to Sunday 12 November 2017, with over 30 events designed to entertain, inspire and fascinate, most of which are free of charge. Visitors attending events within the host venue of Dundee Science Centre will enjoy a 50% discount on their entry fee.

Dundee Science Festival is brought to you by Dundee Science Centre, an independent charity.

For more information, and to view the programme in full, please visit or follow Dundee Science Festival on social media – @DundeeSciFest (Twitter) (Facebook)


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