Get Wired with Robotic Challenges

Robotic challenges will be offered to those visiting Dundee city centre this weekend.

'Lego Mindstorms'

‘Lego Mindstorms’

In partnership with Dundee Science Centre, the free ‘Saturday Science LIVE’ event, aimed at both adults and children, will take place on Level 2 of the Wellgate (near BHS) between 1-4pm.

Visitors will get the chance to get stuck in to a host of engineering activities and challenges, discovering the building power of paper and creating structures and gliders, while also exploring the world of computer engineering, with the chance to program a robot to solve a maze. There will also be an historic element to the workshop, with the chance to build defences and see if they can stand up to a trebuchet!

Rebecca Erskine, Exhibition and Community Engagement Manager, Dundee Science Centre said, “We’ll be looking at three different elements to engineering. The first will look at how simple materials can make strong structures – even paper can hold up a massive weight. We will then examine how forces are involved with engineering and our trebuchet is the perfect example of that. The final section focuses on the most modern form of engineering, computer engineering. Come along and task a robot with solving a maze by using programming skills!”

Meanwhile, Jon Walton, Manager, Wellgate Shopping Centre added, “Engineering is one of the most exciting and relevant aspects of science – it’s everywhere! So we’re excited to be hosting a showcase of some of the most fascinating and engaging engineering experiments, which will amaze visitors of all ages and get them thinking about how things work!”

For more information on this weekend’s event, please contact Rebecca Erskine, Exhibition and Community Engagement Manager, Dundee Science Centre on telephone (01382) 868606.


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