Kaleidoscopes Light up Dundee Science Centre

Mesmerising kaleidoscopes will light up Dundee Science Centre this weekend, to mark the United Nations International Year of Light (IYL 2015).


The ‘Discover Kaleidoscopes and Optics’ drop-in sessions, which will run regularly between midday and 4pm on Saturday 1 August 2015, will give visitors the chance to investigate and explore a range of optical devices including the well-known and intriguing kaleidoscope, which dates back to 1816.

During this ‘Meet the Expert’ event, Philip Bradfield will celebrate the many contributions of Sir David Brewster, an outstanding Scottish champion of the Physical Sciences. Brewster made many important discoveries in Physics, particularly in Optics. He also played a part in the early development of photography. Eventually, he was successively Principal at St Andrews and then Edinburgh Universities.

Philip said, “There will be a chance to see the effect of varying the angle between the mirrors, to plot out the symmetrical patterns that arise, and to experiment with rotatable periscopes, mirascopes, twisted mirrors and 3D kaleidoscopes. Some ‘impossible figures’ will also be available, which really will exercise the mind and thoughtful eye and which tie in with the National Galleries of Scotland’s current M C Escher exhibition in Edinburgh.”

Following a Physics degree at Trinity College, Cambridge, Philip taught Physics and Computer Science at Edinburgh and Wolverhampton Universities. Now retired, he still actively continues his science engagement as a STEM Ambassador, with the Institute of Physics’ ‘Lab in a Lorry’ initiative, which has visited many Scottish schools.

The event is included as part of normal admission to Dundee Science Centre.

Dundee Science Centre is open daily from 10am-5pm. For further information, please telephone 01382 228800 or visit www.dundeesciencecentre.org.uk.


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