Light Relief

Dundee shoppers will be offered some light relief this weekend.

sat sci live end sep 2015

In partnership with Dundee Science Centre, the free ‘Saturday Science LIVE’ event, aimed at both adults and children, will celebrate the International Year of Light, taking place on Level 2 of the Wellgate (near BHS) between 1-4pm on Saturday 26 September 2015.

Visitors of all ages will have the chance to explore light in its many forms. There will be experiments to demonstrate how light travels, and a challenge to direct a laser through a maze.   Families can also ‘eye up’ what can go wrong with vision, and learn how eyes see light.   The event will also investigate different kinds of light that we cannot always see, with an infrared camera to find out how warm we are and a chance to make some handprints that glow under ultraviolet light!

Rebecca Erskine, Exhibition and Community Engagement Manager, Dundee Science Centre said, “Light, despite being something we all take for granted, is a fascinating subject to explore and one which presents lots of colourful opportunities to have a little fun. We’re looking forward to bringing some light into shoppers’ lives this weekend, and encouraging them to think out of the box when it comes to light and vision.”

Meanwhile, Jon Walton, Manager of the Wellgate Shopping Centre, who leaves his position in early October, added, “Once again, we’ve got a cracking science subject to explore – something that’s all around us but which has a fascinating story, and which is sure to brighten everyone’s day – literally!”

For more information on this weekend’s event, please contact Rebecca Erskine, Exhibition and Community Engagement Manager, Dundee Science Centre on telephone (01382) 868606.


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