Local Teenagers Frozen out of Kids’ Charity Campaign

Wellgate staff are urging shoppers to remember teenagers when it comes to donating to the Mission Christmas campaign.

mission xmas

The shopping centre houses eight collection points for shoppers to donate an item for a local child (from birth to 18 years), but is ‘struggling’ when it comes to donations for both girls and boys aged 12-18. Shoppers have until the end of this week to donate within Wellgate, via the collection points throughout the centre.

Cash for Kids is required to pass donations onto social workers and other referrers by Friday, with one local social worker due to collect gifts for 300 children!

Marion Crerar, Commercial Manager, Wellgate Shopping Centre said, “One in three children are living in poverty in our area so we are exceptionally proud and privileged to be working on this crucial campaign.

“Let there be no doubt about it, we are very grateful for every donation made, however small but, as is the case every year, we’re really struggling for donations for older children, both boys and girls. People often associate teenagers with more expense but we’d love if people could buy an extra pair of gloves, scarf or hat when they’re doing their Christmas shopping, or even a board game, jumper or beauty gift set if they can stretch to that. These donations make a massive difference to local children who may otherwise be waking up to no gifts.”


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