Superhero Dreams Turns into Reality for Jack (8)

An 8-year old boy from Angus, who won a Dundee Science Festival competition to create a superhero, met the artist who has transformed his sketch into the real thing today (Friday 4 December 2015).


An ‘absolutely thrilled’ Jack Hamilton, who attends Murroes Primary school, popped into Dundee Science Centre after school with his Mum Rochelle to meet Norrie Millar, freelance Comics Artist based in Dundee Comics Creative Space.

The Dundee Science Festival Superhero Competition was launched on Halloween during the family fun day, ‘Superheroes and Monsters’.  The challenge was to draw and design a Dundee Science Festival Superhero, from what they would wear and look like to inventing the technology and science behind their powers and abilities.  The winning design has now been turned into a real superhero character through Diamondsteel Comics. This character will also be branded into the Dundee Science Festival 2016 marketing campaign.


Norrie said, “Jack’s design was really unique and cool, a hero who was made from building blocks – meaning he was able to control each piece and transform into whatever he could imagine, so such a good idea made my job very easy! I had in my mind the cross between a classic, Jack Kirby super hero and a Transformer so a few sketches were made, approved and the final drawing came together very organically. It always helps if the idea is a really great one and Jack did a fantastic job with that!”

For more information on Dundee Science Festival, please visit   or follow Dundee Science Festival on social media – (Facebook) or @dundeescifest (Twitter).




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