The Coolest Science Show

Winter is on its way – at least it is at Dundee Science Centre, with the coolest family show bringing a chill to the air.


Sprinkled with some spectacular surprises, the ‘Liquid Nitrogen Show’ will showcase one of the coolest substances around, which has a remarkable effect on solids, liquids and gases. At a chilly minus 195.8 degrees Celsius, this freezing liquid can be used to shrink balloons and make objects levitate. Visitors will be amazed as they watch it freeze a banana so hard that it can be used to put a nail into a block of wood and turn a flower to dust!

Calum McAndrew, Exhibition and Community Engagement Officer said, “We can guarantee no lukewarm responses to our latest show! We like to have fun and surprise our visitors and this amazing liquid can transform things in a way that you won’t believe – come along and see it do its work. Science has never been cooler!”

The show will run regularly throughout the day from Saturday 8 October though to Sunday 23 October, included as part of normal admission. Throughout the same period, visitors can also step inside ‘The Lab’ – ever wanted to build a rocket or make a gloopy mess? With regularly changing themes, The Lab is the ideal place for budding scientists to hang out and get stuck in!

Dundee Science Centre is open daily from 10am-5pm. For further information, please telephone 01382 228800 or visit


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