‘Welcome Stability’ Returns to Perthshire Property Market


Perthshire property bosses are reflecting on ‘a year of stability’ in the local market, and predicting a similar theme to 2015.

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Recently collated statistics from Perthshire Solicitors Property Centre (PSPC) reveal that 2014 was a strong and steady year for the local market, and a year which performed almost identically to 2013.

So similar was 2014 to 2013 that PSPC member firms sold just a handful more properties in 2014 than 2013, with 995 homes changing hands with a total sales value of just over £164M compared to just over £160M in 2013.

Anne Begg, Manager, PSPC commented, “In some sectors, stability might sound a little uneventful but, when it comes to property, it’s just what we wanted. Major peaks and troughs are unsustainable but an ongoing, stable picture points to a certain degree of safety and reliability which is just what you need if you are selling up this year.”

The second half of the year was undoubtedly better than the first, with November being the top sales month of the year, with 122 properties changing hands, generating revenue of over £20M. Meanwhile, member firms sold 20 more properties in December 2014 than December 2013, indicating a truly healthy end to the year.

While sales were on the rise overall, people were generally achieving a little more for their sale, with the average property selling for just over £165,000 compared to just over £163,000 in 2013. As an example, the average sale price for flats in 2014 was £103,762 while a ‘typical’ villa reached just over £257,000. Bungalows sold for an average of just over £198,000, while the average cottage reached just over £153,000.

Mrs Begg continued, “As always, we would urge people to be realistic if putting their home up for sale this year. If you are realistic about the price you are likely to achieve and view the Home Report valuation as a guide, your house will sell. Furthermore, it’s never too early to get the ball rolling. With this ongoing stability in the market, we are confident that 2015 will be another great year for PSPC and – more importantly – for the people hoping to buy and sell.”

For more information on buying or selling in Perthshire, please call Anne Begg, PSPC Manager on 01738 635301, email moving@pspc.co.uk or visit www.pspc.co.uk.




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