Six Weeks to Explore

A group of Dundee young people who were given ‘6 weeks to explore’ various art forms are showcasing their results in a mini-exhibition alongside the works of professional artists.


‘6 Weeks to Explore’ will be held at ‘On The Whole’, 211 Hilltown, Dundee from 9.30am until 12.30pm on Monday 16 March 2015.

Over a six week period, nine young people, who are not in mainstream education, attended ‘CATALYST’, a Pure Media UK project, to develop their creativity and confidence. The young people have little or no prior experience of the new art forms they experience. They all worked enthusiastically, learning different darkroom processes, origami and sculpture techniques, exploring the flexibility of different materials and the beauty found within simple forms.

The exhibition, which represents their exploration and showcases their talent, also includes works by Emma White and Carrie Findlay, professional artists, social entrepreneurs and founders of ‘Diaosu’, a creative social enterprise which curated the exhibition.  Diaosu aims to reduce the impact of isolation, build confidence and skills using art, crafts and photography.  Emma focuses her own work on painting and textures while Carrie explores origami and natural patterns.


CATALYST is a programme that uses the arts to encourage young people to build up their confidence, develop new skills and contemplate their futures.

Emma White of Diaosu said, “It has been a pleasure being involved with CATALYST and supporting a new group of young people to gain skills and develop their CVs.” 

Pure Media UK, based in Hilltown, helps people express what they need, find their own paths and create their own stories. Pure Media UK empowers people to achieve positive, bigger futures by focusing on solutions rather than problems, and by promoting lifelong learning, active citizenship and personal development.

For more information, contact Pure Media UK on 01382 220330 or email

For more information on Diaosu, visit


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