Award-Winning Science Images Displayed in Dundee

The newly announced winning image from The Wellcome Image Awards 2017 has been unveiled in Dundee.

LL Wellcome 2017 2


Showcasing the best in science imaging talent and techniques, 22 breathtaking images are being exhibited at Dundee Science Centre, including the overall winner which was announced in London on the evening of Wednesday 15 March 2017.

This year’s awards include a broader range of cutting-edge artistic and scientific techniques than ever before.  From photography and illustration to super-resolution microscopy and medical scans, the images use a variety of methods to capture the imagination and bring complex concepts to life.

The overall winning image is part of a series called Stickman – The Vicissitudes of Crohn’s. Its images are based around the character Stickman, a proxy or alter ego of the artist, who suffers from Crohn’s disease. He is made of sticks rather than bones and references the associated symptoms of weight loss, the body’s fragility following a flare-up, and the abrupt, transformative nature of Crohn’s disease, a chronic condition caused by inflammation of the digestive system.

All 22 images will be exhibited from Thursday 16 March 2017 in venues across the UK, Europe and Africa so that more people than ever before can experience the images. Dundee Science Centre will have the images on display until the end of September 2017, with entry included as part of normal admission.

Now in their 20th year, the Awards were established in 1997 to reward contributors to the Wellcome Images collection for their outstanding work. Over the last twenty years as science and technology has progressed, the awards have embraced new styles and pushed the boundaries of science image making.  The 22 winning images were chosen by nine judges from all those acquired by the Wellcome Images picture library in the past year.

Linda Leuchars, CEO, Dundee Science Centre, “We are delighted to once again be collaborating with the Wellcome Trust to showcase such a spectacular array of scientific images to our visitors. We never fail to be amazed by the range of works which make up this prestigious, annual exhibition which perfectly complements the exhibits and activities we offer within Dundee Science Centre – they really do draw visitors in, and make them wonder and question things they may never have thought about before. “

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Dundee Science Centre is open daily from 10am-5pm. For further information, please telephone 01382 228800 or visit


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