A Summer of Promotion

There’s no doubt about it. When I take on a new client, I have to be excited as I sign on the dotted line.

Almost 16 years to the day since launching Grainger Public Relations, I can say this with confidence – if I don’t care about my clients, no-one else will. And that’s why I occasionally turn down work because I’m just not feeling it.

Alongside many years working with charities such as The Yard, ABF The Soldiers’ Charity, Trauma Healing Together and Front Lounge, I have recently been immersed in three extra summer projects which instantly appealed!

First off, linked to my work with ABF The Soldiers’ Charity, I’ve been promoting the first book by Cateran Yomp photographer Ed Smith.  Having met Ed back in 2021, during my first stint with the Yomp, I was already convinced of his talent as a photographer. However, when he asked me to promote his book ‘Northern Cairngorms’, I was gobsmacked by the content. This book is truly stunning, encapsulating Ed’s 16 years living and working in the Cairngorms. But for me, it wasn’t just about the photos. It was about the challenges he faced capturing them, the temperatures, the isolation, the sheer grit and resilience required.  And it’s that emotion, these stories, that set the heather alight.  We secured a beautiful spread in The Scotsman, Scottish Field and The National. This is a book you can pick up, flick through, put down and pick up again, and the narrative is as beautifully captured as the imagery.  Thanks for trusting in me, Ed.


Credit – The Scotsman.

Staying with photos and emotion, let’s move on to Craigtoun Country Park near St Andrews. With fond memories from taking my own children, it was exciting to return to discuss their campaign and meet a local grandmother who, having taken her children, now visits weekly with one or some of her eight grandchildren!

But the park’s not all about pedaloes, choo-choo trains and ice cream.  Amongst this beautiful park stands the Dutch Village, a beautiful island attraction with its conical roof and continental-style architecture. The home for countless tea dances in its 50s/60s heyday, this structure is deteriorating fast. Now, Friends of Craigtoun are on a mission to restore and safeguard it as the park celebrates its 75th anniversary.  To support their fundraising drive, I was asked to share some of their black and white images to attract images and cine film from those who also hold fond memories of their visits. And I’m delighted to say that the TV, radio and press coverage is working – the pics and film clips are coming in fast. Watch this space to see how the project evolves.


Credit – D C Thomson.

And last but by no means least, what do you do if you’ve got artistic flair but no outlet or means of converting it into work? As SQA exam results day approached, I was tasked to promote Creative Catalyst, a programme supporting young people into creative careers.

A social enterprise based in Perth’s Creative Exchange, the programme is offering 20 places to creative young people over the age of 16 who are based in Perth and Kinross and facing barriers to accessing education, employment or training.   So how did we bang the drum on this one? We spoke to those whose lives have already been transformed by it in the hope that we resonate with new creatives.  It was an absolute pleasure chatting with these young people and the artists who support them, sparking employment and training opportunities while building confidence and wellbeing.

Creative Catalyst

L-R Anna Kelso, Caitlin Hanna and Helen O’Brien. Credit – Kim Cessford, D C Thomson.

In summary, a busy summer and one packed with brilliant and engaging people stories, the heart of any successful and authentic PR campaign.

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