Can’t Get No Satisfaction?

In these cash-strapped times, with everything increasing in cost – from food, fuel and clothing to business subscriptions and memberships, there’s a lot of competition.

In both our personal and professional lives, we’re being more cautious and considered when it comes to purchasing.  Many of us are also cutting out the unnecessaries, the luxuries and actively seeking out value for money.

So, when it comes to our clients, what can small businesses like mine do to boost the client experience? To give them something without charging extra?

I’ll give you a clue. It’s free.

Good customer service.

I’ve just received a brand new pair of replacement earrings from Laura Grace Caldwell at Wear With Grace, following a teensy issue with my first pair. Beautifully gift-wrapped, the new pair came just days after I messaged her, well-packaged and accompanied by a lovely, personal note.

wear with grace

The reason I needed them replaced is irrelevant.  My lasting memory of her business is her customer service and how she dealt with me. That’s the bit I’ll tell others about. That’s the reason I’ll buy from her again.

We can all perfect our offering that little bit more, but I’m proud of how I deal with people.

  • If you email me, I’ll respond within 24-48 hours
  • If you call me, I’ll answer or get back to you as soon as I’m available
  • If you ask for a proposal, I’ll prioritise it. You approached me; I’d love to work with you. I won’t leave you hanging
  • And if, for some reason, we’re not a good match, I’ll be honest and recommend another PR / Communications specialist. And I’ll only recommend the ones whose values sync with mine
  • If we end up working together, we’ll communicate regularly. We’ll build a relationship and mutual respect based on trust and honesty
  • And if our project runs its course, I’ll continue to shout you from the rooftops regardless

See, good customer service isn’t that difficult. And it costs nothing.

To discuss how I can help you this year, drop me a line at or phone 07912 324 264.

You won’t be left hanging.