Maximising Opportunities in a Crisis

As you all know, we are currently working in an ever-changing landscape, both at work and at home. It’s uncertain and concerning for almost everyone – from sole traders and business owners to colleagues, family and friends.

However, there are opportunities if you look for them, and plan.

I generally spend most of my working week promoting my clients, generating exposure in the local and national press, trade magazines, broadcast media and online.  Of course, as businesses reduce their activities and events, pro-active promotion will change for a while.

However, it is paramount that you, as a business, do not lose your captive audiences, clients, customers and those who simply like hearing what you’re up to. After all, this is a temporary situation and, eventually, your activities, events, services, training, whatever it is you do, will ramp up once again. It is therefore crucial that you keep your target audiences engaged in the interim.  Your audience and client base may even be bigger and better once this is over, so now is not the time to close down your comms and ‘go quiet’.



Earlier this week, I heard about a yoga studio which is offering online sessions for clients to sign into ‘virtually’ for £10 – keeping the business afloat, clients engaged and enthused and reducing risk all in one go. However, this is also a PR opportunity, an innovative service for them to shout about.

So, with many years’ experience in internal relations and crisis management, I thought I would take this opportunity to point out other ways Grainger Public Relations can support you:

• Internal communications – you know what you want to say but have bigger priorities – you may also be lacking the time to pull it together swiftly;

• Client e-newsletters – again, you have messages for your clients and customers, those on your mailing lists, but you’re concentrating on your core business and need some support;

• Innovation – this is a time to think smarter – what can you do to keep your staff, customers and prospective customers engaged in this quieter period? Are you doing anything innovative or unusual? Some jobs sound impossible to do ‘from home’ but maybe there’s a story in how you’re supporting your workforce / customers in this drive. The press and media have a role in preventing Coronavirus ‘fatigue’ so still require a balance of editorial – we all need a break from Coronavirus news and the demand for lighter, feature material may grow;

• Proactive and reactive press statements and social media posts re closures, cancellations etc – we all know, in this digital age, that announcements on social and traditional media can generate instant and damaging complaints, comments and confusion if handled poorly. Planning can prevent that, and maximise opportunities;

• Blogs – again, this is a temporary situation so don’t let your website and social media go quiet in the interim – let me help support you with ideas and content for articles to keep your website alive, which you can then share on social media, driving traffic back to your site;

• Crisis management – in the unfortunate event that your business requires assistance with crisis management, I am also experienced in this field and able to provide support.

I would be delighted to talk through any of the above at a time that suits, whether on the phone or via Skype. Take care and stay well!