My Trickiest Client? Me!

Rightly or wrongly, most consultants occasionally complain about their clients.

But what happens when YOU are the client?

Venue-spotting! Myself and Drew Cunningham of Mr Drew Photography


2020 presented a unique challenge for me – to turn things on their head and promote myself. With a little extra time on my hands, especially in the first half of the year, I decided to tackle what was becoming an irritation for me – my website.

The corporate photos and lengthy paragraphs outlining my skills and expertise didn’t feel like ‘me’ anymore. It was time for a website which better reflected me as a person, highlighted my passion for the job and promoted my clients’ good news more effectively.

And so it began…

Working alongside Alex Mitchell of Dundee creative agency zen, who I have known for many years, I was forced to scrutinise myself and my approach through a creative brief workshop (all on-line of course – sadly, the days of working breakfasts are temporarily on hold!)

As Alex said, people buy from people so we embarked on a mission to identify my brand personality and tone of voice.  A fun exercise ensued, with the challenge to tick off the adjectives which best describe me.  Did I want to appear friendly or authoritative, approachable or exclusive, subtle or bold?  Spotting those I most connect with, I was also drawn to words like support, approachable, confidentiality, collaboration, creative and energy – not just because I want to be seen that way but because they genuinely resonate with me.


Grant Keelan

Grant Keelan and I, on location!


As we set the scene for the new site, I got stuck into the copy-writing, outlining the services I provide and the way I work.  I also sought fresh testimonials from the many clients I’ve had the pleasure of working over the last 13 years and, I must say, I’m exceptionally proud of what they said.

The final task for me was to consider imagery. As I said earlier, the days of corporate suits are over for me.  Public relations is about relationships. Yes I’m professional but I’m also approachable, creative and real.

Having admired the skills of Drew Cunningham of Mr Drew Photography, I chose him to capture the real me.  Inviting him and his associate Grant Keelan into my home office to photograph me at work, they later joined me for a meeting in a local hotel and some outdoor shots.  The result? A brilliant bank of multi-purpose images which sum up who I am and how I work.


Catherine Robertson of Robertson Collaborate and I, Apex City Quay Hotel & Spa, Dundee.


I usually spend my days promoting my clients so yes, it was weird promoting myself but working with Alex and Drew made me take a fresh look at my business from the outside-in.  After all,  it’s not just about how you want to be perceived, but who you actually are.

So, if you’re looking to promote yourself, my advice is this – be 100% honest with yourself. If you would benefit from support on website copy, drop me a line – or 07912 324 264.