PR: How Was It For You?

I love a new client.

It’s that feeling of untapped potential, especially if you and your business are new to PR, or if you’ve only dabbled.

From the word GO, I’ll make it my business to get to know you and your organisation or event – your back story, your objectives and pain points.

We’ll also nail your audiences. Who are we talking to, and why? Where are these people? How do they consume their news? What motivates them?

Once we get going, it’s vital that we maintain regular communication. Whatever suits you, whether it’s phone, Teams or a coffee and catch-up.

But however we do it, let’s talk. There’s no point in kicking off with enthusiasm and vigour and then falling off the edge and losing focus. PR is an ongoing process which only works if you feed it long-term.


But there’s another step – especially important after an event or campaign – the debrief.

When you work with me, we’ll discuss which Comms worked best during the campaign.

How did your audience behave after reading, watching or listening to your story?

Was the coverage a catalyst for more sign-ups, inquiries or sales? Let me work with your digital team to track the results of all press and media work, social posts and blogs, and the hits and inquiries that followed.

Can we use our findings to do more and achieve more next time?

If you ran an event, where did the participants come from?  Who else do you want to entice next time? Let’s use these thoughts to shape next year’s plan.

Crucially, did some people inquire, check the website, linger but decide not to sign up? If so, what barriers and misconceptions about your event or business might be standing in the way? How can we dispel these myths and smash these barriers next year?

Who turned up to your event? Was it a success? (This one was! – Dundee Science Centre)

Also, what did you do with the coverage you secured?

Let’s ensure you share it with your staff, Board members, key stakeholders, funders, whoever is important to you and your cause going forward.

I can tell you, clients who do this reap the benefits whether encouraging more buy-in internally, securing more funding, identifying a new team member or sparking a new collaboration locally.

At the end of the day, yes, we did a great job but can we make it better?

I’d love to hear more about your business, charity or event – please get in touch – or 07912 324 264.