PR – None of Your Business?

Who’s responsible for communications in your business or place of work?

Different businesses do different things depending on their sector and size.

Many of my clients have in-house marketing or communications managers who rely on me to support them with press and media relations.  We have regular meetings to discuss the upcoming opportunities we can promote and reflect on recent coverage. It works well, as I’m sitting within a larger strategic marketing plan.

Other organisations have no-one dedicated to comms. They call me in to promote their achievements and messaging through the press, and I add value through other services such as e-newsletters and blogging.

Then there are the clients in between. The business owner, MD or CEO is clear on what’s required. They approached me directly. They’re my only contact within the organisation. They see the value of press and media coverage and want more.    Sounds good?

Well, in a sense yes, but the problem there is their position.

They’re overworked and overburdened.  Despite best efforts, they’re too busy running the business to talk to me every week and opportunities are missed.

That’s why I’m now offering training to change the in-house culture when it comes to comms because people like me need people like you – yes, all of you.  Wouldn’t it be good if staff at different levels in different roles understood the value of comms to their place of work, its reputation and profitability?  Perhaps they’re loathed to take on extra responsibility if there’s nothing in it for them?

But there is.

Good PR doesn’t just raise the profile of an organisation, event or campaign.

Through strategically-placed thought leadership pieces, it can encourage debate and discussion around a topic, driving more people to approach your business or charity for support, to buy your product or use your service.

It can help attract funding.

It can boost your Google juice, helping with SEO and your digital profile.

It can drive a physical or digital footfall to events, face-to-face and online.

It can help you identify and recruit the best staff, help you find new premises, combat a crisis or just get people talking – in a good way.

The results might just keep you in a job.

I’m on a mission to involve more people in my PR drive, not just talking to one person within the company. Yes, it might be you, and you’re the CEO, but that doesn’t mean you’re the only contact I need.  Maybe there’s someone in your organisation who LOVES to shout about the company, who’s a great networker, a natural storyteller, a brand ambassador without even knowing it. They might not be your Marketing Manager, you might not have one, but they might know the place inside out and be a great feeder of content to someone like me.  So why aren’t you sending me their way?

This week I’m delivering full-team training to a team with lots of potential but who need a little persuasion to embrace the process. I’ll be bringing PR to life, explaining why it’s time to stand up and share their news.

If you’d like to hear more, drop me a line –, 07912 324 264.