PR – Who Cares?

One of my clients recently said this about me – “One of her best qualities? She really cares!”

As a sole trader, this resonated with me. I’ve worked with Chika Inatimi of Front Lounge for over 10 years, promoting the charity’s many activities and projects which empower young people to fulfil their potential. Take it from me,  Chika is the very definition of ‘caring’.

Chika Inatimi, Project Leader, Front Lounge (which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year!)

When it comes to PR, anyone can shout about a business, charity, event, product or service but to do so with credibility and passion is another matter entirely.  Since launching Grainger Public Relations 14 years ago, I’ve come to realise that the work I enjoy most is the stuff I genuinely care about – I’m not just talking about being conscientious. I mean caring about their values, their proposition and really ‘getting’ what my clients do.

Recently, I was approached by Creative Dundee to promote their new programme CULTIVATE which will work with a group of Creative Practitioners throughout the Tay region. The creatives will work with a specific Community Partner in their area, with a set challenge to boost engagement and capture hearts and minds.

Each of the partners runs its own climate change project, including The Gate Community Wardrobe in Dundee’s West End. When I popped in recently, I was genuinely amazed at the array and quality of donations displayed within this boutique space. What’s more, they’re available to take away at no cost (donations welcome but not essential). They’re looking to raise the profile of their project, encouraging more people to choose second-hand as their first choice, reducing waste and the impact of fast fashion while helping those living in poverty.

Joyce Reid of The Gate Church Carbon Saving Project with Claire Dufour of Creative Dundee. Picture credit – David P Scott.

Meanwhile, the Crannog Centre in Perthshire is looking for someone who can really challenge and provoke them, take the word ‘sustainable’ and stretch its definition.  They also want to improve access to young and marginalised people who feel shut out of the heritage sector, someone who can think differently and help broaden the appeal and relevance of what they do.

CULTIVATE will achieve so much. For the creatives, most of whom have just experienced their toughest year ever, it’s a paid opportunity to bring a community project to life, build their profile, be part of Creative Dundee’s wider network and motivate tangible change. For those living and working in that community, it’s the chance to get involved and contribute to a better, fairer and more sustainable society. After all, the smallest change can make the biggest difference.

I also work closely with disabled children’s charity The Yard and feel truly humbled to talk to families whose lives would be so different without The Yard’s support. Check out this recent article which captures the essence of The Yard so well.

The Yard, Dundee

Last but by no means least, I continue to promote Women’s Business Station.  This Dundee-based social enterprise is currently shaping a new programme which will support women suffering from hardship or other disadvantage.  For many women, self-employment is not a dream but a requirement. They have no option. It’s the only way they can make money while looking after their family. However, most fall at the first hurdle due to lack of support, reverting to low-paid jobs that do nothing for their self-esteem or self-worth.  This new, free programme will support those who might otherwise be left behind.

So you get the gist. I work with clients who care, whether they’re charities, manufacturing companies, lawyers, accountants or visitor attractions. As a result, so do I.

It’s all about the ‘why’.

If you’d like to tell me why you do what you do, drop me a line.

Then, let’s tell the others! or 07912 324 264.