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Welcome to Dragon Matrix

… and welcome back to those who enjoyed our first show, DragonQuest.

In what was the first ever event in Scotland to combine Augmented Reality technology with live theatre, DragonQuest was a spectacular and stunning show which attracted a staggering 5,000 visitors.  We lit up 20 Autumnal evenings with 3D fairies, trolls, goblins, hovering flies and, of course, the breath-taking dragon itself, and wowed our audiences with some truly mesmerising live theatre.

2016 saw the event take some brilliant new twists and turns, evolving into Dragon Matrix.  We once again delivered  high-tech adventures in the woods, but this time it was brighter, bolder and more daring  … a computer generated dream world!

What we’ve done…

Vision Mechanics first contacted Grainger PR in the Summer of 2015, at which time the first event, DragonQuest,  was still very much in the planning stages.

I went on to develop a PR strategy for the event, starting with a funding announcement, informing (primarily local) audiences that the event was being developed. This followed with the ticket sales launch and a number of other stories as the event approached, from explaining the high-tech elements of the show to how local primary schools and other community groups were preparing for the arrival of the dragon!

The day before DragonQuest opened to the public, we held a press night which attracted significant, regional, local and national exposure – on radio, in print and online including a prime-time BBC Radio Scotland spot and Scotland on Sunday spread.  Of course, there’s more to promotion than the mainstream media, so I was also heavily involved in DragonQuest’s social media, scheduling, creating and responding to posts throughout the course of the event.

With the arrival of Dragon Matrix in 2016 came an even more ambitious PR campaign.  Such was its success that it helped capture the attention of Blue Peter!   Take a look below to explore the press releases I had the pleasure of preparing and issuing during both events.   (PS Dragon Matrix is preparing to move on to another part of the country in 2017 – watch this space!) 


Press Release (19/10/2016):  Countdown to Dragon Matrix ‘Blue Peter’ Showcase

Press Release (10/10/2016):  ‘Blue Peter’ Showcase for Dragon Matrix

Press Release (5/102/2016): From Fanciful Fairies to Virtual Spiders: Angus Woodlands Transformed as Dragon Matrix Begins

Press Release (4/10/2016):  Angus Dragon Show Shortlisted in Scottish Thistle Awards

Press Release (29/9/2016):  Dragon Matrix: Shields Raised by Dragon Defenders

Press Release (15/9/2016):   Meet Virtual Creatures in Overgate!

Press Release (8/9/2016):  Virtual Creatures Prepare to Take up Residence in Angus Woods

Press Release (12/7/2016):  Dark Wood Event Branches Out to Tree Charity

Press Release (13/6/2016):  Dragon Matrix

Press Release (26/10/2015):  5,000 Dragon Protectors Descend on Angus

Press Release (07/10/2015):  Angus Woods Transformed as DragonQuest Begins

Press Release (24/09/2015):  Dragon Scarers to Protect Angus

Press Release (07/09/2015):  Pioneering App Brings Woodland Creatures to Life

Press Release (18/08/2015):  Dragon Quest: Tickets on Sale

Press Release (06/07/2015):  Dragon Quest

What they’ve said…

Symon Macintyre, Artistic Director, Vision Mechanics said, “After receiving a personal recommendation about Claire’s work, we met up for a chat and asked her to submit a proposal. It more than ticked all of the boxes, particularly in terms of ensuring clear communication with our funders, which was a high priority for us. Her genuine enthusiasm for the project was clear from the outset, so we soon got going with the campaign.

“Claire quickly grasped the concept of the event and adapted to the changes and new ideas that we, as a theatre company, were constantly introducing along the way. Our event soon gained a strong profile within the local area but also nationally, and we were thrilled at the geographic reach of Claire’s results. There is no doubt that Grainger PR played a huge part in the success of our first DragonQuest and was very much part of the team, making suggestions and recommendations along the way and staying in touch with us as the event approached. We definitely got more coverage than we ever imagined, and even more so with the 2016 event, Dragon Matrix.”


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