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Dundee Science Centre

Dundee Science Centre is a charity and lifelong learning resource for the community.

The Centre’s exhibitions provide an inspiring, hands-on learning experience for everyone. Their outreach work and festivals help them extend these experiences to others throughout Scotland and beyond.


What we’ve done…

The Centre approached Grainger PR in 2010, wishing to raise its profile locally and to highlight that its role extends way beyond that of a visitor attraction.

Eight years on, I continue to work with Dundee Science Centre to highlight and showcase all aspects of the business, from family shows, school visits and higher education collaborations to major exhibitions and corporate events. I also handle the media campaigns for both Dundee Science Festival and Fife Science Festival and, through the media, have played a key role in the significant growth and popularity of both.

Press Release (22/10/2019):  TinkerTots!

Press Release (2/10/2019):  10th Dundee Science Festival Gets Underway

Press Release (6/9/2019):  Dundee Science Centre Welcomes Breastfeeding Mothers

Press Release (28/8/2019):  Medieval Mechanics

Press Release (27/8/2019):  Dundee Science Centre Wins National Design Award

Press Release (19/8/2019):  Blast-Off for Local Astrotots

Press Release (23/7/2019):  Dundee Science Centre Revamp Team Announced

Press Release (10/6/2019): New Chair Vows to Take Dundee Science Centre to ‘the Next Level’

Press Release (30/4/2019):  Dundee Science Centre’s Mission to CONNECT Communities

Press Release (25/4/2019):  Local Toddlers Take on Role of DinoTots!

Press Release (28/3/2019):  The Purr-Fect Crime

Press Release (5/3/2019):  Dundee to Inspire Next Generation of Space Entrepreneurs

Press Release (1/3/2019):  Dundee Gears up for Electric Vehicle Roadshow

Press Release (28/2/2019):  Medical Research Inspiration for Scottish School Pupils

Press Release (8/2/2019):  Operation:  Tomorrow

Press Release (29/11/2018):  Local Toddlers Invited to ‘Teddy Hospital’

Press Release (29/10/2018):  Local Toddlers Explore the Sound of Music

Press Release (17/10/2018):  My Digital World

Press Release (10/10/2018):  Voyage into the Unknown

Press Release (3/10/2018):  Dundee Science Festival Programme Unveiled

Press Release (5/9/2018):  Tay’s Anatomy

Press Release (31/8/2018):  Deputy First Minister Applauds Dundee Science Centre’s Contribution to Science Education

Press Release (7/8/2018):  Dundee Science Centre Looks to Local Communities to Shape Future

Press Release (4/8/2018):  Medical Myths & Mysteries

Press Release (28/6/2018):  Launch of Medical Marvels Exhibition

Press Release (21/6/2018):  Pump up the Volume with ‘Music Mayhem’

Press Release (29/5/2018):  Cowdenbeath Prepares for Science Adventure

Press Release (9/5/2018):  Fife Science Festival Prepares to Crack the Code

Press Release (15/5/2018):  Glenrothes Gears up for Free Science Adventure

Press Release (7/3/2018):  Blast off for British Science Week!

Press Release (6/2/2018):  Dino Discoveries

Press Release (16/11/2017):  Role Reversal for Dundee Community Group’s Oor Wullie Project

Press Release (7/11/2017):  Dundee Science Festival Has Designs on Past and Future

Press Release (31/10/2017):  From the Miniscule to the Massive: Take a Trip out of this World!

Press Release (26/10/2017):  Medical Events Inject Fun into Dundee Science Festival Launch Weekend

Press Release (18/10/2017):  From Fireworks & Food to Forensics: Dundee Science Festival Programme Unveiled

Press Release (27/9/2017):  What a Load of Rubbish! – Scrapyard Science

Press Release (14/9/2017):  It’s a Maths Game

Press Release (7/9/2017):  Let’s Get Digital!

Press Release (5/9/2017):  Dundee Science Centre Celebrates Start of £2M Development

Press Release (9/8/2017):  Is There Anybody Out There?

Press Release (4/7/2017):  Pre-Historic Showcase Stomps into Dundee

Press Release (29/6/2017):  Astro Wullie Unveils Dundee Space Extravaganza

Press Release (5/6/2017):  People Who Help Us

Press Release (8/5/2017):  Creative Construction

Press Release (21/4/2017):  Science Extravaganza Heads to Fife

Press Release (27/3/2017):  Animal Antics

Press Release (21/3/2017):  Meet the Mini Beasts

Press Release (20/3/2017):  Award-Winning Science Images Displayed in Dundee

Press Release (8/3/2017):  Brilliant Body Bits

Press Release (28/2/2017):  Local School Pupils Enjoy Dundee Science Showcase

Press Release (8/2/2017):  Digest This

Press Release (1/2/2017):  The Scoop on Poop!

Press Release (30/1/2017):  Dundee Science Centre Appoints New CEO

Press Release (8/12/2016):  Cracking Chemistry & Festive Fun

Press Release (30/11/2016):  Dundee Science Centre Welcomes Guide Dogs in Training

Press Release (17/11/2016): From Newton’s Apple Tree to Dundee

Press Release (8/11/2016):  Gamers Plug into Digital Weekend

Press Release (7/11/2016):  Big Bang: The Rocket Men Show

Press Release (2/11/2016):  Free Science Fun While You Shop

Press Release (31/10/2016):  Mini Zoo Descends on Dundee Science Festival

Press Release (27/10/2016):  Just What the Doctor Ordered – Family Fun Day Celebrates Medicine & Health

Press Release (24/10/2016):  Get Creative with Dundee Science Festival

Press Release (6/10/2016):  The Coolest Science Show

Press Release (5/10/2016):  From Puppies and Gaming to Jewellery – Dundee Science Festival Programme Unveiled

Press Release (13/9/2016):  Storytime Sundays

Press Release (8/9/2016):  Are you Sweet Enough?

Press Release (5/9/2016):  Little Building Site Launched in Dundee

Press Release (30/8/2016):  Teaching the Teachers

Press Release (24/8/2016):  Gearing up for Thirsty Work

Press Release (11/8/2016):  The Science of Sport

Press Release (7/7/2016):  CSI Summer School

Press Release (10/6/2016):  Space Saturday Prepares to Welcome Tim Peake Home

Press Release (10/05/2016):  Where Jewellery Meets Science

Press Release (07/04/2016):  Dinosaur Racing Comes to Dundee

Press Release (04/04/2016):  Discover Free, Fun Events at Fife Science Festival

Press Release (17/03/2016):  Dino Discoveries!

Press Release (16/03/2016):  Award-winning Ebola Image Goes on Display in Dundee

Press Release (09/03/2016):  Royal Seal of Approval for Dundee Science Centre Showcase

Press Release (01/03/3016):  Dundee Science Centre’s Rocketing Visitor Numbers

Press Release (01/02/2016):  From Guide Dogs to Kitchen Experiments: Fab February Hits Dundee Science Centre

Press Release (28/01/2016):  Dundee Science Festival’s Superhero Powers

Press Release (25/01/2016):  Are Saturday’s Shoppers Sweet Enough?

Press Release (04/01/2016):  Botany, Bugs and Biodiversity

Press Release (04/12/2015):  Superhero Dream Turns into Reality for Jack (8)

Press Release (04/12/2015): Who Dunnit?

Press Release (26/11/2015):  The Science of Flight

Press Release (01/11/2015):  Dundee Community Centres Transformed into Science Hubs

Press Release (30/10/2015):  Games for Good

Press Release (26/10/2015):  Superheroes -v- Monsters

Press Release (23/10/2015):  Guide Dog Pups Sniff out Science in Dundee

Press Release (02/10/2015):  Superheroes & Monsters Unveil Dundee Science Festival Programme

Press Release (01/10/2015):  The Science of Rock Music

Press Release (23/09/2015):  Light Relief

Press Release (17/09/2015):  Try Your Hand at Computer Game Music-Making

Press Release (27/08/2015):  Get Wired with Robotic Challenges

Press Release (30/07/2015):  Kaleidoscopes Light up Dundee Science Centre

Press Release (27/07/2015):  The Weird World of Musical Instruments

Press Release (14/07/2015):  Dundee: Destination Space!

Press Release (13/07/2015):  Lift-off for Former NASA Trainer

Press Release (09/07/2015):  Saving Stranded Marine Mammals

Press Release (7/7/2015):  One Step Closer to Dundee Science Centre Expansion

Press Release (26/06/2015):  Music Mayhem – Science of Sound

Press Release (22/06/2015):  Change of Direction for Dundee Science Festival

Press Release (08/05/2015):  Incredible Immunology

Press Release (29/4/2015):  Scotland Rocks!

Press Release (16/4/2015):  Weird, Wacky or Wonderful – Dundee Science Festival Event Proposals Wanted!

Press Release (25/3/2015):  Award-Winning Science Image Goes on Display

Press Release (20/3/2015):  Who Dunnit? Forensics under the Microscope

Press Release (12/3/2015):  From Alaska to Dundee

Press Release (28/01/2015):  Health, Hearts and Hopping!

Press Release (21/12/2014):  40,000 Festival Fanatics!

Press Release (17/12/2014):  Cool Show with a Hot Twist!

Press Release: (11/12/2014):  Sharks: Magnificent and Misunderstood

Press Release (06/11/2014):  From Robots to Incredible Inks – Big Bang Fun Day

Press Release (04/11/2014):  Go Batty!

Press Release (29/10/2014):  Free Family Fun Days Kick off Dundee Science Festival

Press Release (28/10/2014):  Students Get Social with Dundee Science Festival

Press Release (22/10/2014):  ‘Cheers!’ to Dundee Science Festival

Press Release (14/10/2014):  ‘New Blood’ Sought for Forensics Project

Press Release (03/10/2014): Our Amazing Oceans

Press Release (26/09/2014) – Who Dunnit?

Press Release (25/09/2014): Sea Ice, Shackleton and Science: A Century of Changes in Antarctica

Press Release (26/08/2014):  DO Try This at Home!

Release (05/08/2014): Cool Explorers Expecting Warm Reception

Press Release (09/07/2014):  An Ice-Breaker with a Difference!

Press Release (30/06/2014):  Polar Conditions Descend on Dundee!

Press Release (09/06/2014):   Resounding Success of Fife Science Festival

Press Release (13/05/2014):  Surgery: From the Gruesome to the Futuristic!

Press Release (29/04/2014): The Science of Ice-Cream

Press Release (24/04/2014):  Growing Team Gears up for Dundee Science Festival 2014

Press Release (23/04/2014):  Penguins Prepare for Antarctic Blockbuster

Release (22/04/2014): ‘The Stuff of Science Fiction’ – Dundee Science Centre Reveals Expansion Plans

Press Release (09/04/2014): Fit for Life? Dundee Experts Tell it Like it is!

Press Release (28/03/2014): Speed, Strength, Stamina!

Press Release (18/03/2014): Solar Celebration

Press Release (25/02/2014): Historic Kick-off for Fife Science Festival

What they’ve said…

Linda Leuchars, Chief Executive Officer, said, “Claire has achieved a consistently high profile for Dundee Science Centre over the past few years, with an amazing benefit for all our areas of operation. She has the ability to quickly grasp our varied requirements and can advise well on the development and advocacy of our brand.

“We don’t really look on Claire as a separate consultant for the business – she is a valued member of our team who contributes positively to our ongoing communications plans and strategy development. Her knowledge and experience in dealing with the press and broadcast media allows us to develop continuing beneficial exposure – with confidence.”


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