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EQ Accountants

EQ Accountants LLP employ over 100 staff, including 15 Partners.

With offices in Cupar, Dundee, Forfar and Glenrothes, the firm is renowned for its professional and pro-active service, consistently exceeding clients’ expectations.

Providing much more than core accounting services and compliance work, EQ’s growing team has developed an abundance of skills, positioning the firm as one of the leading Scottish providers of services in a number of specialist areas, from agriculture and construction to healthcare and leisure.

However, EQ’s workforce are not just accountants. They are also business advisers, helping clients reach their commercial goals. Their relationship with major banks, law firms and surveyors, both locally and nationally, ensure that the wheels of commerce run smoothly for their clients.

Of course, like any successful organisation, people are key at EQ. By providing a vibrant and stimulating environment within which to thrive and excel, EQ consistently attracts the brightest and the best.

I have been working with EQ since 2008, initially on an ad-hoc basis but now on a strategic, ongoing level.

A diverse range of coverage has been achieved over the years, from regional, local and national newspaper articles and online pieces in Scottish business bulletins, to exposure showcasing EQ’s expertise in the agricultural press and other sectors.

Everything from the arrival of new graduates and Partners to the firm’s merger with a Fife practice have been publicised, not forgetting the personal achievements of EQ’s growing workforce (they’re a sporty lot, and great fundraisers!)


What we’ve done…

Press Release (4/3/2020):  Safeguarding Future of Family Businesses

Press Release (9/1/2020):  From Trainees to Partners

Press Release (23/12/2019):  Accountant Features in Top ’35 Under 35′ Listing

Press Release (16/12/2019):  An Appetite for Business Growth

Press Release (10/12/2019):  EQ Safeguards Future of Scots I.T Company

Press Release (3/12/2019):  EQ Celebrates £50M+ Corporate Finance Deals in Six Months

ress Release (8/10/2019):  Fife Business Advisor Joins EQ’s Ranks

Press Release (17/9/2019):  Food for Thought as Accountants Claw Back ‘Untapped’ Tax Savings

Press Release (20/8/2019):  EQ Welcomes New Talent

Press Release (11/7/2019):  Young Accountants Feature in Global ‘Top 100’ List

Press Release (11/6/2019):  Accountancy Firm Expands Dundee Premises to Accommodate Growth

Blog (6/5/2019):  Guiding Farming Businesses Through Diversification

Press Release (2/5/2019):  EQ Supports Fife Engineering Firm Move to Employee Ownership

Press Release (8/4/2019):  From Trainees to Principal Managers

Press Release (2/4/2019):  Significant Growth Reported by Scottish Accountancy Firm

Press Release (25/3/2019):  Fife Accountant Awarded Highest Tax Qualification in UK

Press Release (9/1/2019):  £16M Tax Savings Secured for EQ Clients

Press Release (27/12/2018):  A Hot Topic: Farming Conference Focuses on Climate Change

Press Release (17/12/2018): From Aeronautical Engineering to Accounting

Press Release (14/11/2018):  Accountancy Team Exceeds Year-Long Fundraising Target

Press Release (10/10/2018):  Adding up the Miles as Accountancy Team Hit the Career Path

Press Release (17/9/2018):  Platinum Seal of Approval for Tayside Accountancy Firm

Press Release (11/9/2018):  EQ Welcomes New Talent

Press Release (31/7/2018):  Accountancy Team’s Freefall Boosts Cancer Charity Efforts

Press Release (27/6/2018):  Fife Accountant ‘Humbled’ by Prestigious Award

Press Release (5/6/2018):  Accountancy Team’s Charity Free-fall!

Press Release  (11/5/2018):  Angus Farmer Cements Future with New Business Project

Press Release (9/5/2018):  Accountancy Firm Vying for ‘Tax Team of the Year’ Title

Press Release (28/3/2018):  Accountants Celebrate £300M Corporate Finance Success

Press Release (26/3/2018):  Staff Matters!

Employment Editorial (23/3/2018):  Calculating Your Route to Accountancy

Blog (8/3/2018):  International Women’s Day – Does Accountancy Add Up for Females?

Press Release (15/2/2018):  P-p-p Pick up a Cake!

Press Release (14/2/2018):  Angus Teenagers Cultivate Agricultural Knowledge at Farming Conference

Press Release (1/2/2018):  10 out of 10 for Accountancy Trainees

Press Release (23/1/2018):  From Self-Employed to Business Owners

Press Release (18/12/2017):  Fife Accountants Boost Local Charity on Christmas Jumper Day

Press Release (20/10/2017):  2020 Win for EQ

Press Release (5/10/2017):  2020 Vision for EQ

Press Release (2/10/2017):  It All Adds Up: EQ Accountants Team Up With Local Primary School for ‘Maths Week’

Press Release (13/9/2017):  EQ Welcomes Annual Trainee Intake

Press Release (30/6/2017):  From PwC to EQ – New Manager Appointed

Press Release (26/6/2017):  Free Seminars Take Businesses to the Cloud

Press Release (9/6/2017):  £10M Tax Savings Secured for EQ Clients

Press Release (29/5/2017):  ‘Untapped’ Tax Credits Under the Microscope at Fife Business Event

Press Release (31/3/2017):  New Partner Appointed at EQ Accountants

Press Release (27/2/2017): Post-Budget Seminars for Local Businesses

Press Release (25/1/2017):  Gold Seal of Approval for Accountancy Firm

Press Release (16/12/2016):  A Polished Performance

Press Release (7/11/2016):  Landlords Urged to ‘Get Their House in Order’

Press Release (6/9/2016):  Over £1k Raised by Forfar Accountants’ Rural Challenge

Press Release (5/9/2016):  EQ Welcomes Bumper Trainee Intake

Press Release (1/8/2016):  EQ Welcomes Addition to Partner Team

Press Release (4/7/2016):  Sporting Chance for Angus Accountants

Press Release (2/5/2016):  New Partner Appointed to Fife Office of EQ Accountants

Press Release (4/4/2016):  New Partner Appointed to EQ Accountants

Press Release (1/4/2015):  Partners Gather for Launch of New Accountancy Firm

Press Release (12/12/2014):  It all Adds up for Angus Accountant

Press Release (20/11/2014):  Merger Adds up for Accountancy Firm

Press Release (2/9/2014):  Getting to the Root of the Matter

What they’ve said…

David Cameron, Managing Partner commented, “Claire is now an important member of our team, and her contribution to raising the profile of EQ over a number of years has been tremendous. In recent times we have expanded by 50% through the merger we completed in 2015, and promoting the EQ brand and our areas of expertise within new geographic territory has been a priority. Claire has had, and will continue to have, a pivotal role in this respect.”


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