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When it comes to helping young people fulfil their potential, Dundee charity Front Lounge welcomes them in and empowers them to change their lives.

This organisation is truly remarkable and makes a huge difference with each and every project, whether supporting young parents or those battling mental health challenges.  With careful handling and compassion, I’ve been promoting its activities for around 10 years.

I’m also a tutor on the Kindred Clothing course, helping young mums sew their way to a brighter future!

What we’ve done…

Press Release (30/11/2020):  Movement.  Scotland x South Africa

Press Release (20/11/2020):  Young Parents’ Sewing Project Showcased

Press Release (5/10/2020):  Art Drop Hits Dundee

Press Release (1/10/2020):  ‘Do What You Love and Keep Doing It’ – Events Mark Countdown to World Mental Health Day

Press Release (15/9/2020):  Young Parents’ Course Feeds Fashion Industry Skills Gap

Press Release (12/8/2020):  Dundee Mum Captures Award-Winning Image of Lockdown Joy

Press Release (29/6/2020):  Search on for Award-Winning Lockdown Art

Press Release (16/4/2020):  ‘Hope Box’ Tours Tayside

Press Release (7/10/2019):  Drumming Up Support for Scotland’s First ‘Hope Hub’

Press Release (16/9/2019):  Big Boys Don’t Cry:  Men Gear up for Daily Battle

Press Release (10/9/2019):  Putting the ‘Hope’ into Mental Health

Press Release (16/8/2019):  Designs on Life: Young Parents Fashion Their Futures

Press Release (9/7/2019):  Young Mums Fashion Their Futures

Press Release (25/6/2019):  Young Parents’ Group Urges Mums & Dads to Get Involved

Press Release (20/12/2018):  The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Press Release (11/12/2018):  It’s Good to Talk … NHS Tayside Adopts Mental Health Film as Training Resource

Press Release (21/11/2018):  ‘You’re Not Alone’ – Arbroath Woman in Mental Health Plea to Local Community

Press Release (10/10/2018):  Film and Roadshow Kickstart National Mental Health Conversation

Press Release (4/5/2018): Celebrations as Young Parents’ Group Wins National Lottery Contest

Press Release (18/4/2018):  Dundee Designer Backs Young Parents’ Clothing Project

Press Release (12/4/2018):  Young Mums Creating Brighter Futures

What they’ve said…

Chika Inatimi, Project Leader said, “I only have wonderful things to say about Claire.  Over the many years we’ve worked with her, she’s demonstrated herself to be an able communicator, tireless networker, excellent listener and creative thinker – all the qualities one needs to be great at PR! She has become our ‘go to’ PR consultant and has done many a varied project with us over the years. Front Lounge exists to support people, particularly marginalised young people – somehow Claire manages to set the right tone with the right mix of human interest story, information and pizzazz.  One of her best qualities? – she really cares, goes beyond the brief and puts her all into the causes she really cares about.”


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