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Front Lounge, formerly Pure Media UK, was founded as a youth arts charity in 2001, created to encourage young people from marginalised backgrounds to pursue careers in the creative industries.

As the organisation developed, its projects expanded beyond the arts to address the pressing need in the community for opportunities for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. In 2015, while still retaining a strong connection to the arts, Front Lounge began to work mainly in social care and education projects aimed at improving the lives of young people in the community.

The organisation rebranded in 2016 to better reflect its current and future priorities. The name came from a discussion among volunteers at the Bringing Up Baby (BUBS) group where one of the members described it like being in someone’s front lounge due to the welcoming, non-intimidating environment and small group size.

Front Lounge approached Grainger PR back in 2011 when they required exposure for a project aimed at gathering real life stories from Hilltown, the multi-cultural hub of Dundee.

Since then,  I have enjoyed an ongoing working relationship with Chika Inatimi and his team, publicising a range of projects including a Festival of Light and a creative drive which saw residents of Dundee’s Whitfield learn to knit while transforming the aesthetics of their community!

I have also had the privilege of working closely with BUBS, particularly during 2018 when the young parents’ group succeeded in securing a National Lottery grant following a monumental public vote.  ‘Kindred Clothing’ aims to build the skills, confidence and networks of vulnerable, young families by supporting parents to design and make clothes, learn new skills and make friends while their children play.   Ultimately, it is hoped that those attending will leave with an official accreditation.  I genuinely love working with the BUBS mums and dads, watching their progress, and that of their tiny tots!

As we reached the end of 2018, my focus was on ‘Foolish Optimism’, the Front Lounge mental health film and associated roadshow.  The campaign generated a wide range of print, online and broadcast coverage documenting this amazing project aimed at encouraging young people to talk about their feelings.

What we’ve done…

Press Release (16/9/2019):  Big Boys Don’t Cry:  Men Gear up for Daily Battle

Press Release (10/9/2019):  Putting the ‘Hope’ into Mental Health

Press Release (16/8/2019):  Designs on Life: Young Parents Fashion Their Futures

Press Release (9/7/2019):  Young Mums Fashion Their Futures

Press Release (25/6/2019):  Young Parents’ Group Urges Mums & Dads to Get Involved

Press Release (20/12/2018):  The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Press Release (11/12/2018):  It’s Good to Talk … NHS Tayside Adopts Mental Health Film as Training Resource

Press Release (29/11/2018):  Mental Health Film at ‘Book Yer Ane’

Press Release (21/11/2018):  ‘You’re Not Alone’ – Arbroath Woman in Mental Health Plea to Local Community

Press Release (9/11/2018):  Dumfries Young People Explore Mental Health Film

Press Release  (7/11/2018):  Dundee ‘Access to Nursing’ Students Explore Mental Health Film

Press Release (25/10/2018):  Posters of Positivity

Press Release (10/10/2018):  Film and Roadshow Kickstart National Mental Health Conversation

Press Release (15/8/2018):  Dundee Community Crafts Sculpture to Mark Finale of Arts Project

Press Release (29/6/2018)Dundee Artists Give Power to the People!

Press Release (4/5/2018): Celebrations as Young Parents’ Group Wins National Lottery Contest

Press Release (18/4/2018):  Dundee Designer Backs Young Parents’ Clothing Project

Press Release (16/4/2018):  Dundee Mum Credits Young Parents’ Group with ‘Turning her Life Around

Press Release (12/4/2018):  Young Mums Creating Brighter Futures

What they’ve said…

Chika said, “I only have wonderful things to say about Claire.

“She first worked with us in 2011 on the Heritage Lottery funded ‘Changing Faces of Hilltown’ project, which captured the many and varied present and past voices of the Hilltown during the demolition of the Alexander Street multis. What a great introduction! Claire demonstrated herself to be an able communitor, tireless networker, excellent listener and creative thinker – all the qualities one needs to be great ar PR! She has become our ‘go to’ PR consultant and has done many a varied project with us over the years. Front Lounge exists to support people, particularly marginalised young people  – somehow Claire manages to set the right tone with the right mix of human interest story, information and pazazz.

“Kindred Clothing’s recent success with The People’s Projects has a lot to do with one of Claire’s best qualities: she really cares! Kindred Clothing won because Claire went beyond the brief – she puts her all into the causes she really cares about and we are delighted that Grainger PR is onboard for our latest project, Foolish Optimism.”


@ErinSchepers1 AND the lovely, mega talented @C_KCessford OF COURSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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"Big boys don't cry" - well, yes they do. Watch this 6 min film made right here in Dundee, by Front Lounge, launche…

Mon Sep 16

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