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Dundee Science Centre Revamp Team Announced

The team behind the ambitious refurbishment of Dundee Science Centre has been appointed.

Aim Design, based in the city’s Camperdown Street, will provide a full range of architectural and exhibition design services to the CONNECT project which will transform the ground floor of the visitor attraction as it approaches its 20th birthday in 2020.

The firm will be supported by Christie & Co, Elders Consulting Engineers and David Narro Associates.

L-R: Ged Young (Aim Design), Anna Gilruth, Rebecca Duncan, Aidan Williams (Aim Design) and Luke Judson.

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Young Accountants Feature in Global ‘Top 100’ List

Two newly appointed Principal Managers at EQ Chartered Accountants LLP have been named in a prestigious poll of young CAs.


Rachel Bell. Credit: Alan Richardson, Pix-AR.

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Young Mums Fashion Their Futures

A Scottish charity, which empowers young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to achieve bigger, better, brighter futures, has teamed up with one of the country’s most successful fashion designers to steer more young parents into business.

A group of young Mums from Dundee-based Front Lounge, which has supported almost 40,000 young people since its launch in 2001, are literally fashioning their own futures as a pioneering programme gets underway.

Samantha Paton with mums Chelsea Bruce and daughter Brooke Burns, Hannah Watson and daughter Grace McDonald, and Kayleigh Anne Mitchell and son Jamie Lafferty. Pic credit – Erin Schepers.


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Local Housebuilders Support Grass Roots Golf Coaching in Scone

Perth-based housebuilders A&J Stephen have teed up an exciting sponsorship deal with a local golf Professional, aimed at encouraging more youngsters to take up the game.

The company is working with Gregor Wright to support his initiative to drive the growth and development of junior golf in Scone and the surrounding area.

P2A class, RDM, Scone with (back left) Tom Buchanan, Marketing Manager, A&J Stephen and Teacher Mrs Elder and (back right) Gregor Wright.

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Mars Odyssey

As many families prepare to head off for sunnier climes, how do you fancy a Martian excursion? With temperatures plunging to −80°F and the largest volano in the solar system, is it even possible?

A brand new family show is taking off in Dundee to explain how we might get people to Mars one day, and how they would need to prepare!

The Courier (27/6/19)


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