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The Scoop on Poop!

Fancy getting the ‘Scoop on Poop’, and to the bottom of the digestive system?

Paul Strachan with Jamie (5) from Dundee

Paul Strachan with Jamie (5) from Dundee

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Dundee Science Centre Appoints New Chief Executive Officer

Following a nationwide recruitment exercise, Linda Leuchars will become the new Chief Executive Officer of Dundee Science Centre on Friday 10 February 2017.

LL Jan 2017

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What do you look for in your Childcare Provider?

(Evening Telegraph advertorial – Saturday 28 January 2017)


What do you look for in your childcare provider?

Trust, professionalism, compassion? These might be top of your list but, in this modern and often stressful working world, there may also be challenges linked to finance and flexibility.Continue Reading

Building the Dream

A stunning home, designed by a firm of award-winning Dundee architects, will be featured on national television next week.

L-R: Alan and Lucy, with Charlie Luxton

L-R: Alan and Lucy, with Charlie Luxton

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Gold Seal of Approval for Accountancy Firm

Leading accountancy firm EQ Accountants LLP has been commended for its commitment to service innovation and staff development.

Scott Kennedy, EQ

Scott Kennedy, EQ

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