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The Coolest Science Show

Winter is on its way – at least it is at Dundee Science Centre, with the coolest family show bringing a chill to the air.


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From Puppies and Gaming to Jewellery: Dundee Science Festival Programme Unveiled

Some of the stars of this year’s Dundee Science Festival gathered in the city today (Wednesday 5 October 2016) to launch the programme which they hope will attract new audiences from every corner of Dundee.

(Credit Kris Miller, The Courier)

(Credit Kris Miller, The Courier)

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From Fanciful Fairies to Virtual Spiders – Angus Woodlands Transformed as Dragon Matrix Begins!

A theatrical, mystery spectacular within the woods of Monikie Country Park opens to the public tonight (Wednesday 5 October 2016), featuring a family of virtual creatures, landmarks such as the fairy path and the red witch tree, as well two baby dragons in their newly built dragon nursery, all set to wow audiences throughout the month of October.


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Angus Dragon Show Shortlisted in Scottish Thistle Awards!

Vision Mechanics, whose new production Dragon Matrix will kick off in the dark woods of Monikie Country Park in Angus this week, has been shortlisted for Scotland’s ‘tourism industry Oscars’ following the success of last year’s inaugural show, DragonQuest.

Lotte Kravitz and Emily Martinelli from the Dragon Protection League!

Lotte Kravitz and Emily Martinelli from the Dragon Protection League!

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Dragon Matrix: Shields Raised by Dragon Defenders

Angus children will join the Dragon Protection League in preparation for the mystical wonders of Dragon Matrix at ANGUSalive’s Monikie Country Park.

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