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Dundee BID – Ballot Result

The Declaration of Ballot Result for the Dundee Business Improvement District (BID) has been received following the closing date for voting (Tuesday 7 April 2015).

Bullet points: 

Electorate – 437 businesses

Total votes cast – 186

Turnout (headcount) –  40.29%

Turnout by Rateable Value – 47.36%

Yes votes – 106

No votes – 80

1 rejected paper

Unfortunately, the Declaration states that despite receiving 106 ‘yes’ votes –v- 80 ‘no’ votes out of an electorate of 437 eligible voters, the campaign was £350K short in relation to Rateable Value (RV).

In order to establish the Dundee BID, four conditions required to be met:

1.     A minimum turnout figure of 25% of eligible voters

2.     A minimum turnout figure of 25% achieved by Rateable Value (RV)

3.     More than 50% of those ‘eligible persons’ who voted must be in favour

4.     More than 50% of those ‘eligible persons; who voted, in terms of RV, must vote in favour.

Unfortunately, condition number 4 was not met, with the RV of the YES voters totalling £350K less than the required amount.

Jon Walton, Chairman, Steering Group commented, “Although clearly disappointed, we accept the result of the ballot.  Most of all, we welcome the fact that the majority of businesses who voted were in support of a BID – unfortunately their combined rateable value was the factor which ultimately led to the result.

“On behalf of the Steering Group, I would like to express my huge thanks to all businesses who turned out to vote in the Dundee BID Ballot, and who took time to be involved in the process.  We have led an exciting campaign which has clearly sparked significant levels of engagement and discussion, which we are determine to capture and ideally turn into a tangible outcome further down the line.

“Indeed, I will Chair a Steering Group  in the coming weeks to discuss and determine the way ahead, and how to retain the momentum built. I would also like to thank all of the Steering Group and Neil Cooney, BID Consultant, for their steadfast commitment and support during this process.”




Partners Gather for Launch of New Accountancy Firm

Partners of EQ Accountants LLP, which has merged with Fife firm Carters, gathered today (Wednesday 1 April 2015) to mark the official launch of the new business.


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Downtown Dundee

Traders working within one of the most vibrant and dynamic parts of Dundee city centre plan to carve out a stronger identity, with associated branding and exciting events, if the Business Improvement District (BID) is voted through next week.


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Fun All Part of the Equation!

A roulette wheel, plasma ball and soap are just some of the items illustrating the fascinating side of maths in Dundee this weekend, shedding light on a host of quandaries from why earphones always end up in a tangled mess to why bubbles are always the same shape!


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Award-Winning Science Image Goes on Display

The newly-announced winning image from The Wellcome Image Awards 2015 has been unveiled in Dundee.

A0001337 Pregnant uterus, equine

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