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Downtown Dundee

Traders working within one of the most vibrant and dynamic parts of Dundee city centre plan to carve out a stronger identity, with associated branding and exciting events, if the Business Improvement District (BID) is voted through next week.


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Fun All Part of the Equation!

A roulette wheel, plasma ball and soap are just some of the items illustrating the fascinating side of maths in Dundee this weekend, shedding light on a host of quandaries from why earphones always end up in a tangled mess to why bubbles are always the same shape!


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Award-Winning Science Image Goes on Display

The newly-announced winning image from The Wellcome Image Awards 2015 has been unveiled in Dundee.

A0001337 Pregnant uterus, equine

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Cashing In – Benefits of the Dundee ‘BID’

Significant savings on utility bills are on the horizon if city centre businesses vote in favour of the proposed Dundee Business Improvement District (BID).


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Who Dunnit? Forensics Under the Microscope

A weekend dedicated to forensics will be held at Dundee Science Centre on Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 March 2015.

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