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Helping young people fulfil their potential

When it comes to helping young people fulfil their potential, Dundee charity Front Lounge welcomes them in and empowers them to change their lives.

This organisation is truly remarkable and makes a huge difference with each and every project, whether supporting young parents or those battling mental health challenges. With careful handling and compassion, I’ve been promoting its activities for over 10 years.

I’m also a tutor on the Kindred Clothing course, helping young mums sew their way to a brighter future!

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Chika Inatimi, Project Leader

"I only have wonderful things to say about Claire. Over the many years I've worked with her, she's demonstrated herself to be an excellent listener and creative thinker. One of her best qualities? - she really cares!"

Chika Inatimi, Project Leader • Front Lounge

Front Lounge

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