The Yard

Changing lives and building relationships

From the moment I stepped into The Yard in Edinburgh, I could see it was way more than a play service for disabled children. It’s also a supportive community for their family and friends and an absolute lifeline for those who rely on it.

With additional services in Dundee, Kirkcaldy and Glasgow (coming soon!), The Yard is changing lives across Scotland, building relationships and creating some serious fun in the process.

PR is underpinned by human interest, identifying with real people, and it doesn’t get more real than The Yard.

It’s a genuine pleasure to tell their stories and spread the word about the amazing work they do.

Services provided: media relations, content marketing

The Yard Scotland
Jenny MacDonald, Director of Development

"Claire has really taken the time to get to know our services and meet the families we support. As a result of her relaxed approach, our families have been very happy to share their stories which has helped us generate some great press coverage in Dundee and across Scotland. Although The Yard in Edinburgh has been around for 30 years, our services in Dundee are still relatively new and a good part of Claire’s work has been focused on growing knowledge of our services and helping new audiences understand what we do. Her creative and warm approach is just what we need!"

Jenny MacDonald, Director of Development • The Yard

The Yard

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