Trauma Healing Together

Breaking the Stigma of Mental Health

Launched in the throws of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, Perth charity Trauma Healing Together supports those who have experienced psychological trauma.

As well as offering therapy, training and personal development, the charity kickstarted the Perth and Kinross Mental Health and Wellbeing Festival, now approaching its fourth year.

By promoting the many activities, workshops and talks, while sharing the stories of local people, we generated almost 40 pieces of publicity for both the 2022/3 events and are now helping plan the 2024 festival.

Services provided: media relations, social media, content marketing, strategy

Trauma Healing Together
 Roxanne Kerr, Founder

"Claire’s experience really shines through and we can’t put into words how happy we are with the results of her work. She spent extensive time getting to know the purpose of the festival inside and out and really cares about our cause. She's excellent at keeping us up to date on a regular basis and we really appreciate how professional and organised is. We are very much looking forward to working with her again on next year’s festival!"

Roxanne Kerr, Founder • Trauma Healing Together

Trauma Healing Together

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