Gearing up for Thirsty Work

Shopping can be thirsty work!

A free, fascinating food show, and a feast of delicious, surprising and wonderful activities, will head to Dundee’s Wellgate this weekend, with the added opportunity to create your own delicious and nutritious fruit drink through sheer pedal power.

Morgan Lee,  Dunfermline trying out The Crunch bike!

Morgan Lee, Dunfermline trying out The Crunch bike!

Dundee Science Centre will be whetting appetites on Level 2 of Wellgate with The Crunch activities taking place from 11am until 3pm on Saturday 27 August 2016.

Chewing over the connections between our food, our health and our planet, shoppers will also be able to power up their own delicious, nutritious fruit drink on The Crunch bike, with a range of juicy fruits including bananas and strawberries.

There will also be the chance to come and nibble on an insect, with the tasty choice of a mealworm or cricket. Two billion people around the world eat insects, mainly in developing countries. As the global population grows, there is an urgent need for alternative sources of protein that don’t require huge amounts of our planet’s resources to be produced. Insects have the potential to help meet this demand.

Last but not least, shoppers can also become breakfast detectives, using magnets to reveal and draw out the iron goodness contained in one of our most popular breakfast cereals.

Calum McAndrew, Exhibitions and Community Engagement Officer, Dundee Science Centre said, “Through a number of hands-on, tasty experiments and activities, we’ll be revealing some real food and drink gems – from what’s in our breakfast cereals to why insects might be the way forward when it comes to food shortages across the globe. And, of course to wash it all down, we’re giving shoppers the chance to get on their bike and create their very own healthy fruit drink.”

Peter Aitken, Centre Manager, Wellgate added, “We are delighted to be hosting this fantastic foodie event which will open our visitors’ eyes to some lesser known food and drink nuggets. Who knew you could make your own drink while cycling?  Come down and have a go, while also consuming some new food facts!”

Running at Dundee Science Centre until Sunday 23 October 2016, The Crunch is a new Wellcome Trust initiative to get the nation talking about our food, our health and our planet.

Dundee Science Centre is open daily from 10am-5pm. For further information, please telephone 01382 228800 or visit or



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