Looking to Survive & Thrive in Business? – Questions You Should be Asking Yourself!

Who sees the best possible version of you and who would benefit from seeing a better version? What advice would the teenage version of you give?

World-renowned author and speaker Mike Jones will share his unique story and questioning tips during the ‘Ultimate Question Time’ Webinar on Thursday 16 July 2020 (6.30-7.30pm).

The event will be hosted by Women’s Business Station as part of their ‘Enterprise Conversation’ series. The programme of events brings businesses, academia and the local community together to drive the social enterprise in its mission to help 10,000 women start, build or grow a business in Scotland by 2030.

Mike Jones

Angie De Vos, CEO, Women’s Business Station said, “We believe that empowering women is one of the smartest investments we can make. Economic independence and financial freedom give women choices. It enables women to spend more on their families, drive growth in their economies and inspire others in their communities. By encouraging them to question themselves, we hope Mike Jones will bring a fresh focus to the audience, helping them shape where they want to be in business, and how they can adapt accordingly.”

With 30 years’ experience in the Learning and Development Industry, helping individuals, teams and organisations understand what makes them tick, Mike, Managing Director of Momentum (People Development) will encourage guests to think more deeply about the outcome as well as the question. Prior to setting up his own business, Mike spent 15 years as the Head of Delivery at Insights, a leading people development organisation, designing and delivering innovative and dynamic products and solutions experienced by thousands around the globe. He has delivered at conferences and facilitated workshops in over 35 countries and his passion, energy and wit have made him a highly sought-after speaker.

Mike said, “We generally lead busy lives, rushing from one event, experience or emotion to the next without always stopping to consider what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. If you add how we’re doing it and who we’re doing it with into the mix, it creates a world of questions – and questions that you’d benefit from finding the answers to. Never has there been a better time to stop and reflect on where you’ve been, where you are and where you’re going and I’m really excited to be joining you as we explore this opportunity together.”

The event will be co-hosted by Liz Oliver, Founder of Rethinking. Author, trainer and member of Women’s Business Station, Liz introduced the team to Mike, having worked with him for many years at Insights.

The event is sponsored by Social Good Connect.

Caroline McKenna, CEO, who will take part in the session added, “Working with someone who creates environments where individuals can learn, grow and understand themselves better is so aligned with our values and purpose- let the fun commence!”

The webinar is free but delegates are invited to make a donation of £15 – all proceeds will go towards Women’s Business Station‘s ‘Survive and Thrive’ programme.

To register, visit www.businessstation.co.uk


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