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Out with the Old, In with the New Build!

The escalating cost of living is dominating the news right now.

Whether you’re a tenant or a homeowner, costs are soaring from energy bills and fuel to the weekly shop.

But it’s not just about how you live, shop and heat your home – it’s about the property you live in and whether you choose old or new.

If you’re house-hunting right now, you may be swithering between a new build or an established home.   So what makes more financial sense and are there other factors to consider?

Mansfield Park showhome

Mansfield Park, Scone showhome kitchen.

The price is right!

Let’s face it; this is the biggie for most of us.

The top attraction with a new build? The price is fixed.

No more being outbid or priced out of the second home market, a common occurrence right now with demand regularly outstripping supply. Similarly, there’s no need to keep some of your mortgage deposit aside to make a higher offer.

In addition, with a Stephen home, the reservation fee is just £1,000.  Provided you’re not looking for any optional extras like flooring or upgraded appliances, there’s no more money to pay until the handover date when the final balance is paid.

There’s also much more financial assistance out there in respect of new builds than second homes and, sometimes, we also offer incentives on specific plots or developments. Please keep an eye out on our Offers page for up and coming initiatives – https://stephen.co.uk/offers/

Energy efficiency

Going back to the rising cost of heating our homes, new builds are generally more energy-efficient.

Our homes are built to exacting standards when it comes to heating and ventilation, with higher standards of insulation, enhanced draught-proofing and improved ‘airtightness’ which slash annual energy bills and improve levels of comfort.

Most of our homes also now come with PV Solar Panels as standard (much trickier to install on the roofs of period properties). What’s more, any units you collect from the panels that are not used will be fed back to the grid, giving you a better rate going forwards.

Energy efficiency

Superior interiors

Without stating the obvious, a new build is, well, new!

Rather than undoing someone else’s style, you’re moving into a pristine home with no need to decorate. Stephen homes come with a choice of kitchen and bathroom finishes from the bathroom tiles to kitchen units.  We also have a range of optional extras including flooring, upgraded appliances and more which can be yours for a little more!

Better still, as most plots are in the early stages of construction, there may be scope to make small changes to the house layout to fit your needs, or those of your family.  Need extra storage or more built-in wardrobes?  Get in there early enough, and we can get it right for you.

Peace of mind

We’ve all become accustomed to change over the last couple of years, but when you’re buying a home, you want certainty and peace of mind.

When you buy a Stephen home, you have two warranties – the standard 10 year National House Building Council cover which kicks in on handover day AND an extra two-year warranty from us. Any issues reported to A&J Stephen within the two-year warranty will be investigated by our Customer Care team and any repairs or replacements required as a result will be covered.

Our dedicated Customer Care team is also on hand from the day you take delivery of your keys, ready to support you with any aftersales queries or issues.


Living in a box?

Last but by no means least, if you’re veering towards a second home on architectural or ‘character’ grounds, hold that thought…

Gone are the days of formulaic new builds churned out to look identical to the house next door. Well, they do still exist, but that’s not our approach.

Our in-house architectural team work hard to ensure that Stephen homes are packed with character, style and individuality, both indoors and out.  We’re also 100% focused on quality. As well as the timber frame kits themselves, everything from stairs and shelves to porches and garage surrounds are created by our skilled team within our Perth factory rather than being shipped in from overseas.

From the process of reserving a new house and the financial peace of mind, to avoiding the refurb and décor implications of a period property, new builds provide so many benefits above older properties.

If you’d like to see what we’re currently offering or have planned in the months ahead, give us a call or drop us a line – telephone (01738) 620721, email sales@stephen.co.uk or visit www.stephen.co.uk.