Front Lounge

Art Drop Hits Dundee

Colourful pieces of art, created by local artists Jacqueline Goodall and Leigh Addis during lockdown, are being hidden throughout Dundee to spread positivity and hope across the city.

Front Lounge, the charity behind Hope Hub, has today launched Art Drop as part of a series of events leading up to World Mental Health Day (Saturday 10 October 2020).


The central piece of art which is now being cut up and hidden across a number of public places, from the city centre and Tay Road Bridge to Camperdown Park, was originally created at a Hope Hub LIVE in July, live-streamed from The Attic in Kirkton.

If found, people are being asked to post a picture of their discovery to Hope Hub’s Instagram page –

Art Drop was launched during an online event which also showcased the musical talents of Dundee singer Marcus Balfour. ‘Not All Doom and Gloom’ was written by Marcus during lockdown, with the accompanying music video created by film-maker Nathan Inatimi.

Hope Hub provides a safe place for people with mental health challenges, with art used to encourage people to freely express themselves, share their lives and build a community. With physical events and everyday contact restricted since lockdown, Hope Hub went on to develop the Hope Box project, which saw around 800 boxes packed with arts and crafts materials distributed to people struggling with isolation, providing them with focus, distraction and fun.   World Mental Health Day will see an additional 100 boxes distributed across the city. Packed with supplies to make cards for a loved one or person in need, the boxes will span the generations, with plans to distribute from primary schools through to care homes, charities and youth groups.

Jacqueline Goodall, Hope Hub Lead Artist said, “Hope Hub is underpinned by art, helping people express their emotions without the barriers of conversation.  Over lockdown, we saw so many amazing examples of art so decided to take some of them and create a huge collage. Now, we want to spread that positivity into the wider community, sharing the art and acting as a reminder that there are people who care – things may be incredibly tough but you’re not alone.”

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