Business Expands on Strong Foundations

A company focused on developing low-carbon alternatives to concrete claims its new products will change the face of the construction industry.

Working alongside a network of collaborators, RADIX is the largest manufacturer, stockist and supplier of UK ground screws, boasting unrivalled construction, engineering and manufacturing knowledge and expertise.

Whether a holiday park or a housing development, foundations present the most significant time and cost constraints of any construction project. RADIX’ range of professional and extensible ground screws and structural base systems deliver a robust and low-carbon alternative to concrete foundations, providing substantial environmental, financial and operational benefits. With installation possible all year round, in any weather, ground screws prevent costly and timely delays. Ideal for hard-to-access and off-grid areas, over sloping and uneven ground, they are also the perfect solution for agricultural ground and remote, rural landscapes.

Wattie Milne and Callum Milne, RADIX

Having launched in 2019, RADIX is now unveiling its expansion and move into new 3,000 square foot premises in Dundee, accommodating dedicated office space for its growing team.

Combined with its supply chain network of facilities, RADIX now presents over 40,000 square feet of office, manufacturing, warehousing and distribution, including state-of-the-art laser and plasma cutting technologies. RADIX’ distribution capabilities have also recently been reinforced with the appointment of Chelmsford-based distribution partner Red Leaf Group, allowing them to supply ground screw foundations to clients across the UK.

Christian Alexander, CEO, Red Leaf Group and Red Leaf Ground Screws commented, “Red Leaf Group is both delighted and proud to be working with RADIX on its ground screw foundation products.  With sustainability, efficiency and ease of installation right at the heart of the products’ core benefits, ground screw foundations align perfectly with Red Leaf’s progressive and innovative business approach.  With proven cost benefits, flexibility and sustainability, this is a product for the future and we are excited to be part of it.  RADIX have proven themselves to be the UK’s frontrunner in design and engineering for ground screw foundations and, with Red Leaf’s own values, we firmly believe this is going to be a long-term, successful partnership.”

Callum Milne with one of the RADIX ground screws.

Having built its early client-base around the garden room market, due to the huge increase in home working, RADIX is now scaling up to meet the needs of a range of other sectors.

In the last twelve months, RADIX has supplied around 20,000 ground screws across the UK, providing foundations for everything from garden rooms and holiday lodges to house extensions and modular homes. RADIX is also in talks with a local authority considering swapping concrete for ground screws for an ambitious social housing development project.

On a mission to challenge the status quo of traditional construction methods, Callum Milne, Managing Director, commented, “Ground screws offer a more efficient and sustainable alternative to concrete. Avoiding the need for excavation, mess and delays, they’re a real game-changer and set to transform the face of construction across the UK.

“Our team has spent significant time working with our partners on the research and development of our ground screws, including independent testing and verification. We are now seeing the demand from countless sectors over the country and, with years of technical knowhow and manufacturing expertise at our fingertips, are preparing to innovate further, allowing construction projects across the UK to up their game and build faster, with less mess, cost and disruption.

“Furthermore, as the economy prepares to open up again, many industries are raring to go and, with growing demand from their customers, need to accelerate their projects without delay and with minimum impact to the environment.”

From exploring clients’ initial requirements through to the research, design, manufacture and deployment of its low-carbon solutions, RADIX works in collaboration with a number of local and national companies.

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