Dundee Science Centre

Dundee Pupils Energised by Renewables Showcase

Almost 300 Dundee school pupils were powered up by the renewables sector yesterday after taking part in a day-long energy showcase.

The Schools’ Energy Challenge at Dundee Science Centre, funded by global skills body for the energy industry, OPITO, shone a light on various energy resources, with a focus on renewables, including solar, wind and water power.

Barnhill Primary

Barnhill Primary School pupils explore wind power. Credit – Alan Richardson, Pix-AR, Dundee.

The primary four, five and six pupils built their own table-top windmills with a wind turbine kit, a working model of a real wind turbine. They discovered how wind power can be harnessed to generate electricity, how to create maximum voltage, and how to make renewable energy more efficient.

They also explored how energy is produced in power plants, the different types of renewable and non-renewable energy, and took part in a range of other activities designed to inspire the next generation of renewable energy experts. Pupils also enjoyed exploring the Centre’s climate-themed exhibitions including a virtual tour of a solar power plant in Chile and an interactive Climate Challenge race to save the earth’s ozone layer.

Every pupil also received a climate kit to take home, with activities and tips to slow down climate change. They also received a solar-powered mini windmill kit, allowing them to build a windmill generator with an LED light bulb, learn mechanical principles and explore alternative energy in a fun way.

Eastern Primary

Blown away! – Eastern Primary School pupils explore wind power. Credit – Alan Richardson, Pix-AR, Dundee.

The event was made possible by OPITO as part of its commitment to inspiring the next generation to pursue a career in the energy industry.

Andy Williamson, Senior Vice President of Energy Transition and Global STEM Lead at OPITO said: “Renewables are playing a vital role in the wider energy industry as we work towards a lower carbon future.

“We are delighted to support events like these to attract the next generation of young people by providing hands-on experience and creating a deeper understanding of the wider energy industry.  As an industry, it is our responsibility to inspire and engage children in STEM-related activities which showcase the endless possibilities a career in energy can offer.”

Lorraine Lemon, Head of Business Development, added, “From heating our homes and businesses to powering our cars, renewable energy is key to creating a more sustainable future, so we must bring the younger generation into these conversations.  As a science centre, we are passionate about bringing these topics to life and showing their relevance to all.

“Not only are these school pupils the future workforce who need exposure to the opportunities a future in the energy sector could create, but they’re also part of everyday society, so it’s essential that they’re educated and informed in using our natural resources effectively as they go about their lives.  Who knows, we might even shape the next generation of change-makers in the process!”

For more information on Dundee Science Centre’s schools’ programme, please email staff@dundeesciencecentre.org.uk or visit www.dundeesciencecentre.org.uk.