Dundee Science Centre

Rock On! – Mobiles Give Insight into Earth Science

Around 90% of us own one, but did you know that you’re holding some of the world’s rarest mineral resources in the palm of your hand when you pick up your mobile phone?

Even more so, our growing appetite for the latest technology comes at a price.

As part of National Earth Science Week (9-15 October 2022), Dundee Science Centre is running a programme of activities from 8-23 October 2022, including a focus on the materials in an everyday smartphone through a rare elements trail.

Embarking on a 4.6-billion-year geological journey through the history of our planet, visitors will also learn how volcanoes form, enjoy a demonstration of a DIY volcano complete with red lava, explore the threats facing the ocean seabed, and get to grips with wind power. Visitors can also discover how the energy of water and waves is harvested to create tidal energy, build their own dam at the water table and handle some prehistoric mammoth and cave bear fossils. There will also be an assortment of activities for pre-school children covering everything from outer space to dinosaurs.

Mum Emma Greene and children Clara (2) and Joshua (4) from Edinburgh, with grandmother Rhona Sutherland from Arbroath.

Laura Dobson, Senior Science Communicator at Dundee Science Centre, said, “National Earth Science Week gives us the perfect opportunity to explore everything from bubbling volcanoes to the power of waves. Earth Science plays a key role in creating a more sustainable future and changing behaviours to protect the planet so, the more we understand it, the more we can do.

“It’s also a great chance to take a closer look at the geology around us. For example, most of us are unaware of the range and scale of metals and minerals within our devices, such as mobile phones.  What’s more, how many of us understand where these materials come from and how their mining affects communities across the world? We’re keen to help people explore this so they can place more value on their devices and understand their environmental cost.”

Megan O’Donnell, Head of Policy and Communications, The Geological Society of London added, “We are delighted that the Dundee Science Centre is hosting a programme of exciting and interactive events for Earth Science Week 2022. We hope that these activities inspire a wide audience to explore the Earth sciences through the lens of sustainability, and to discover that Earth Science can be for everyone.!

Dundee Science Centre will be open from 9am – 5.30pm every day from 1-23 October 2022. Visitors are asked to book in advance to guarantee their place.

For more information, and to book, visit: www.dundeesciencecentre.org.uk/earthscience.html