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Dundee Science Festival: Walk on the Wild Side

Dundee’s parks are set to come alive next month as families head out to learn about Scotland’s very own endangered creatures.

As part of Dundee Science Festival, which runs from 6-19 February 2023, the Dundee Wildlife Trail will encourage communities to head outside, discover the countless creatures facing extinction here in Scotland and explore how small steps can create big impact!

The wildlife included are the Scottish wildcat, spotted woodpecker, golden eagle, pine marten, capercaillie, mountain hare, puffin, and adder, with the trail available at Balgay Park, Baxter Park, Camperdown Park, Dudhope Park, Stobsmuir Ponds, Dundee Law, Magdalen Green and outside Dundee Science Centre.

DSF 2023

Roni Lemon and mum Lorraine at Camperdown today.

Complimenting the trail, this year’s Dundee Science Festival, which is led by Dundee Science Centre, will incorporate a host of other activities under the theme of wildlife conservation and biodiversity.  Aimed at engaging people of all ages and abilities, regardless of any barriers they may face, activities will be held within our communities, the Centre itself and online.

Highlights include a Virtual Reality underwater experience, a Minecraft-based sustainability workshop and a glimpse into what biodiversity could look like on other planets.

seabird centre

Scottish Seabird Centre’s VR deep dive into Scotland’s waters. Credit – Helen Pugh Photography.

The festival will include activities from the universities of Abertay, Dundee and St Andrews as well as a range of other organisations including Camperdown Wildlife Centre, Woodland Trust, Dundee-based Scrapantics, Scottish Seabird Centre and RSPB. The festival will also branch into wider communities with outreach events at venues across Tayside and Fife. Meanwhile, Dundee Science Festival kits are being distributed as part of the event to engage some of the city’s most deserving communities who may face barriers to participation.

Dr Isabel Bruce OBE, CEO of Dundee Science Centre, commented, “ If we want to leave a better world for our children, we must lead by example and highlight easy and engaging ways for them to do their bit, whether small steps they can take right now or the careers they might pursue. By protecting our environment, we can all work to help safeguard some of the most beautiful and important creatures living in the woods, lochs and country parks around the Tay region and wider Scotland. Through our events, we hope to guide and motivate communities to make better choices and become more responsible citizens who appreciate the consequences of their actions. We hope this year’s programme creates some exciting and engaging opportunities for families and others to start conversations, change behaviours and appreciate the wild world around us.”


Come along and enjoy some free play with ScrapAntics (image supplied).

Dundee Science Festival 2023 is funded in part by Scottish Government, The Edina Trust and the University of Dundee. For more information on events, visit www.dundeesciencefestival.org/