Dundee Science Centre

Going for Gold on ‘World Environment Day’

Dundee Science Centre is celebrating World Environment Day (5 June 2021) by securing a major ‘Green Tourism’ award.

While the Centre prepares to re-open to the public on Saturday 26 June 2021, several infrastructure upgrades have been incorporated, earning a Gold ‘Green Tourism award’ in the process.

Echoing Dundee Science Centre’s commitment to fairness and equality, the attraction has also recently gained the Living Wage Accreditation.

Laura Dobson and Lewis Fitzsimmons, Science Communicators, Dundee Science Centre

Earlier this year, a total of 116 solar panels were mounted on the roof of the building, estimated to generate enough renewable energy to power the entire facility. The Centre is also now fully lit by energy-efficient LED lighting including motion-activated, energy-saving lights. In addition, the building’s thermal system is on course to be replaced, with all water systems motion-activated to cut water use. Visitors will also learn about climate change through a new headline exhibition and be encouraged to travel around the city by electric bike, with 16 hire bikes to be positioned on the front Piazza.

Sandy Colville, I.T and Facilities Manager said, “While the Centre has been closed, we’ve been busy bringing the CONNECT project to fruition but COVID also allowed us to take a different look at the building and ensure it is fit for purpose and as sustainable as it can be – from how we light, heat and clean the Centre to what we do with equipment we no longer need.

“However, it’s also about our audiences – from providing more sustainable travel options to get here to highlighting the small steps people can take through our exhibitions, shows and workshops. Given that we are only at the start of this process, we are delighted to have started on such a high benchmark with the Gold award.”

As Lorraine Lemon, Head of Business and Operations and Ambassador of Circular Tayside explains, these infrastructure changes are not ‘box-ticking’ exercises – they generate real learning opportunities for visitors.

Lorraine said, “It’s all very well implementing these changes for our own use, helping us reduce our carbon footprint and save costs. However, as a science centre, we also have a responsibility to lead by example and inspire our audiences so we will be doing our best to communicate our green credentials within the Centre and online, highlighting them as part of our ‘story’. In the process, we hope to encourage each and every person who visits to consider the steps they could take to protect our planet, whether it’s recycling, saving energy or swapping the car for more walking and cycling – small, easy steps which really make a difference.  We also hope to inspire other local businesses to up their game, positioning Dundee as a truly sustainable place to live and visit.”

Green Tourism is the largest sustainable certification programme of its kind to operate globally, assessing hundreds of fantastic places to stay and visit in Britain every year. Businesses that meet the standard for a Green Tourism Award receive a Bronze, Silver, or Gold certificate, based on their level of achievement.

For more information, visit www.dundeesciencecentre.org.uk / www.green-tourism.com