Dundee Science Centre

Making Space for Science

From stargazing to space travel, Dundee community centres and libraries are going out of this world as part of Dundee Science Festival.

Complimenting activities and shows at Dundee Science Centre, Dundee Science Festival is going on tour throughout the city until Sunday 25 February 2024, by holding free space-themed workshops in 10 community centres and libraries.

dsf 24 community 1

Talija Reinholds (12) & Harris Reinholds (5) with Lewis Fitzsimmons from Dundee Science Centre.

Visitors across the city can explore a range of space artefacts, including meteorites and 3D-printed satellite models. They can also explore future UK Spaceports and look through an infrared camera to discover how technology is used to track and combat climate change.   Each child attending these workshops will also receive a goodie bag containing space-related toys.

Space kits packed with a planetarium projector, inflatable globes, diffraction (rainbow) glasses, and spectroscopes are also being given to community centres and libraries so they can deliver future activities independently.

Last but by no means least, 1,000 free tickets are also being distributed, allowing children to visit the centre free of charge throughout the month of February .

This year’s community programme has been made possible by support from Michelin Tyre Plc and the Edina Trust.

dsf 24 community 2

Aiden Stephens from Dundee Science Centre with Benjamin Forbes (9) and Joseph Forbes (11).

Brian Cairns, Business Development Manager, Michelin Tyre Plc, said, “By supporting Dundee Science Festival’s community programme, we can inspire families and their children to develop a real interest in the wider range of STEM subjects.  Learning about science through fun days out can also influence the child’s learning and interest in the world around them.   For Michelin Tyre Plc, supporting the festival represents a fantastic legacy and will hopefully kickstart the next generation of scientists!”

Meanwhile, Isabel Bruce, CEO of Dundee Science Centre, said, “This year, Dundee Science Festival is offering a packed programme of free activities and workshops at Dundee Science Centre, partner venues and online. As well as that, we’re thrilled to have incorporated a vibrant community programme which, through free tickets and workshops, not only extends our offering directly to the communities we support but also empowers our city’s community centres and libraries to run their own activities throughout the year. We’re exceptionally grateful to Michelin Tyre Plc and Edina Trust for supporting our aims to widen participation and engagement across the city.”

Judy Dobbie, Director of Leisure and Culture Dundee added, “We can’t wait for our libraries to host these workshops and are delighted to be working with the organisers of the Dundee Science Festival. They have put together a really engaging and exciting programme. It is fantastic to see these workshops delivered at our community libraries, all located at the heart of our communities.”

Details of the workshops to come are as follows:

Hub Community Library & Learning Centre – 16/02/2024 & 20/02/2024
Fintry Community Library – 16/02/2024 & 23/02/2024
Coldside Community Library – 17/02/2024
Ardler Complex – 19/02/2024
Finmill Community Centre – 21/02/2024
Mill o Mains Community Hub – 22/02/2024
Arthurstone Library – 24/02/2024

Please get in touch with your local community centre / library to confirm times and details of how to book.  For more information, visit https://www.dundeesciencecentre.org.uk/festival/