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Temperatures Rise on Dundee Schools’ Climate Change Drive

The drive to enthuse almost 1,000 Dundee primary school children in climate change efforts is heating up!

At the request of Dundee City Councill, Dundee Science Centre is hosting COP26 Schools Week, with activities, demonstrations and challenges aimed at motivating local children to ‘do their bit’ and get involved.

Over the course of the week (Monday 22 to Friday 27 November 2021), almost 1,000 primary four to seven pupils from 10 schools will enjoy two-hour workshops within the Science Centre, which have been funded in part by the generosity of the Edina Trust.

Dundee Science Centre COP26 Schools Week

Clare Haughey MSP with some of the pupils participating in Dundee Science Centre’s COP26 Schools Week.

Pupils will discover how seas and oceans are warming through demonstrations and experiments led by the Centre team.  They will also learn about ocean acidification and how this affects marine life, use infrared cameras and get the chance to become a Climate Engineer, building windmills in a Rigamajig challenge. Pupils can then enjoy a trail around the cutting-edge Medical Marvels exhibition, looking at some of the impacts of climate change on our health.

Visiting the centre today, Clare Haughey MSP, Minister for Children and Young People said, “COP26 was a success for Scotland, and is an important milestone in the world’s climate change prevention journey. We are determined to make sure the event reaches out far beyond the negotiations in Glasgow, into every community in the country, as part of a continuing legacy.

“The Scottish Government has provided almost £950k funding for children and young people to participate in COP26 and to enable partners to engage with and amplify the voices of children young people; and Scotland recently became the 28th nation to sign the UNICEF Declaration of Children, Climate and Justice, committing to the key calls to action drafted by children and young people.

“The COP26 Schools Week being hosted by Dundee Science Centre, in partnership with Dundee City Council, is a great example of continuing the legacy of COP26 and underlines the importance of the voice of children and young people on this issue. We all need to play a role and our communities and children and young people will be at the heart of that action.”

Carlene Cura, Development and Fundraising Advisor, Dundee Science Centre added, “It’s important for us to continue the legacy of COP26 and ensure that these subjects continue to be in reach of younger people. Rather than leaving the climate decision-making to the policy-makers and the big names, they too can see that they have a role to play.  Our COP26 Schools Week will drill down to the detail, bring the topics to life and show their relevance to each and every one of the children involved.   Who knows, we might even shape the next generation of change-makers in the process!”

Clare Haughey visit

Clare Haughey MSP (left) and Dundee Science Centre CEO Dr Isobel Bruce watch one of the sessions.

For more information on Dundee Science Centre’s schools’ programme, please email staff@dundeesciencecentre.org.uk or visit www.dundeesciencecentre.org.uk.