Operation: Tomorrow!

From 3D printed prosthetics to virtual reality clothing offering a glimpse inside the human body, Dundee Science Centre will reveal an insight into the future of medicine and healthcare in a mind-boggling new show launching next week.

‘Operation Tomorrow’, which runs from Monday 11 February until Monday 1 April 2019, will allow visitors to take on the role of a robot surgeon, see inside the human body with augmented reality, and discover the part video games can play in healthier living.

Taking the audience on a journey through time, the show will explore how people used to find out about the human body through grave-robbing, right up to pioneering robotic surgery now being used in around 70 hospitals throughout the UK.

Grant Carpenter, Exhibition and Community Engagement Officer said, “Whatever your age, most people are fascinated by the guts and gore of medicine through the ages but Operation: Tomorrow will explore the equally fascinating future!

“From how doctors are trained through to the diagnosis and treatment of disease, we’ll give an insight into some incredibly useful innovations making their way into hospitals throughout the country, as well as the apps we can use at home which may save some of us going into hospital in the first place!”

The 30 minute family show, which will run regularly throughout the day, is included as part of normal admission.

The show complements the Medical Marvels exhibition. Recognising the past, present and future of medical science, visitors can explore everything from historic medical artefacts to a virtual anatomy table and operating theatre.

For more information, telephone (01382) 228800 or visit www.dundeesciencecentre.org.uk.


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