Penguins Don Scarves To Mark ‘Cold Homes Week’

Dundee’s city centre penguins have been dressed up in cosy scarves to mark the launch of ‘Cold Homes Week’ (w/c 2 February 2015).


As part of their mission to make local homes warmer while slashing energy bills, Dundee sustainable energy company Sustainable Energy Scotland wrapped scarves around the Antarctic animals to raise awareness of those facing the stark choice of ‘eat or heat’.

Coinciding with the launch of the national week-long campaign, Callum Milne, Managing Director said, “Dressing up penguins may look like a bit of fun but, as temperatures once again drop across the city, we are eager to highlight the very real problem facing hundreds of people across Dundee and beyond. Around 33% of Dundee households are now suffering from fuel poverty, and one in five families throughout the UK have to make the unbelievable choice between eating or heating which is simply unacceptable.”

Thanks to Government-driven energy efficient grants, Sustainable Energy Scotland has now insulated around 750 homes within Dundee and Angus free of charge (subject to a free survey), and is urging those who are continuing to suffer to get in touch as soon as possible to make the most of the Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) funding. The grants are available to everyone on a ‘first come first served’ basis.

Working throughout Dundee, Perthshire, Angus, Fife and Aberdeen, SES are providing free cavity wall and loft insulation to householders, saving them up to £500 per year and generating an average lifetime carbon saving of 22 tonnes per property, contributing to the UK’s carbon reduction targets. The firm is also protecting them from additional gas and electricity price hikes and improving home energy ratings, crucial when it comes to sale or rent.

Launched by The Energy Bill Revolution, the biggest ever public campaign to end fuel poverty, ‘Cold Homes Week’ aims to raise awareness of the suffering of the ‘fuel poor’ and to gather support from politicians to make UK homes more energy efficient. Specifically, the campaign seeks to make all low-income homes highly energy efficient by 2025 and two million completed by 2020.

To arrange a free advice appointment through SES, telephone (01382) 621681 or register online at

For more information on Cold Homes Week, visit


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