The Purr-Fect Crime!

Dundee Science Centre’s staff mascot, Katniss the Cat, has been stolen – could you take on the role of a Forensic Scientist and help solve the crime?

That’s the challenge of a brand new family show starting on Monday 1 April 2019.

Grant Carpenter with Katniss!


‘The Purr-fect Crime’, which runs until Sunday 30 June 2019, will give visitors the chance to take on the role of a forensic scientist, examining and preserving evidence. They will also learn how to identify mysterious powders and samples found at mock crime scenes using everyday, household objects like lemon, vinegar and toothpaste.

Visitors will also get the chance, through a fun and ‘ink-redible’ game, to explore the science of chromatography, identifying which ink stains come from different pens and therefore helping eliminate (or catch!) potential criminals.

Grant Carpenter, Exhibition and Community Engagement Officer said, “As we know, crime scenes need to be preserved as much as possible so that no evidence is destroyed, but what sort of things could become crucial pieces of evidence?
“From clothes and weapons to dirty washing and toothpicks, we’ll be showing what sort of things can be used to catch the criminals, and how they are recorded and preserved in real life crime cases. By homing in on a pen left behind with a note and a suspicious looking glove found at the scene, we’re hoping one of us our visitors will help us get Katniss back safe and sound!”
The 20 minute family show, which will run regularly throughout the day, is included as part of normal admission.

For more information, telephone (01382) 228800 or visit


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