Warning Against ‘Biggest I.T Security Threat of 2015’

A Dundee IT support company is warning local businesses against ‘the biggest I.T security threat of 2015’.


Shackleton Technologies, which helps businesses work more effectively and profitably by providing strategic IT advice and support, is urging organisations using Microsoft Windows Server 2003 to act prior to its ‘end of life’ this Summer, or risk potentially disastrous consequences.  The change will include the Windows Small Business Server 2003.

Microsoft will end its valuable support for Server 2003 on 14 July 2015, meaning no more patches or security updates will be released after that. In a nutshell, this means organisations still using Server 2003 after that date are exposing themselves to serious security risks, along with numerous compliance issues.

As an IT Managed Service Provider (MSP), Managing Director Steve Ross and his team provide long-term support to ensure that clients make the right choices when it comes to the fast-changing IT sector.

Believing that many firms have no transition plans in place, Steve said, “We work with clients on a strategic level, future-proofing their IT systems and ensuring that they make the right decisions as they grow their business.

“Myself and my team remember when Microsoft ended support for Windows XP and companies scrambled to update their operating systems. This time round, the risks of inaction are much worse.

“There won’t be anything physically stopping businesses using Server 2003  but, if you do choose to plod on with it, your problems won’t be restricted to cyber-threats. Out-of-date, unsupported software quickly slips behind current business standards and regulations, like the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (more commonly referred to as PCI Compliance or PCI DSS). I have seen plenty of otherwise healthy businesses fall behind industry standards and run up huge costs in the long run – as small problems snowball into devastating ones.”

However, there is still time to prepare for the change and migrate from Server 2003 and Shackleton is urging businesses to view it as an opportunity to enhance their business’ performance, rather than a daunting chore.


Steve continued, “We want our clients to not only be able to cope with a server migration but be in a position to thrive afterwards. There’s no need for the migration process to be painful and my advice is to establish a clear, step-by-step plan which would most likely include a software upgrade (to Windows Server 2012) together with a hardware upgrade. The rise of cloud computing means many businesses can now leave hardware behind – and take their server processes online with cloud or hosted solutions.  In either case, you’ll save your business time and money by gathering this information ahead of your migration.”

If you’re unsure about how to begin your migration from Server 2003, check out Microsoft’s Windows Server 2003 Migration Planning Assistant. The tool will walk you through every step of a successful migration, and even assess what type of move is going to suit your company best.

For more information on how to future-proof your business’ IT systems, visit www.shacktech.co.uk.




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