Young Parents’ Group Urges Mums and Dads to Get Involved!

A support group run by young parents, for young parents, is inviting others to join them on a packed programme of free activities, ranging from recycling old clothes and keeping babies safe, to exploring future career options.

‘Bringing up Baby’ (or BUBS), which is open to both mums and dads, is a community project which provides a place for young parents to meet, play, learn and grow alongside their baby and others in the same situation.

BUBS currently meets on Fridays, from 12pm until 2pm, at Front Lounge, 205-207 Hilltown, Dundee.


A brand new programme of drop-in activities kicked off today, with the group promoting the events in Wellgate shopping centre, with family-friendly activities including balloons, blanket weaving, face-painting and colouring-in.

The full programme is as follows:-

Tuesday 16 July – Evening of Music with James Liandu and free pizza – 6pm – 8pm

Tuesday 13 August – First Aid with Family Nurse Partnership – keep baby safe – 12pm – 2pm

Tuesday 17 September – Taking Pictures with NEoN Digital Art Festival – making memories – 12pm – 2pm / 6pm – 8pm (tbc)

Tuesday 15 October – Future Choices with Dundee & Angus College – what next? – 12pm – 2pm

Tuesday 12 November – Clothes Recycle with Kindred Clothing – make old clothes new -12pm – 2pm

Chika Inatimi, Front Lounge Project Leader and current Manager of BUBS commented, “BUBS is all about young parents having fun with their child. But the children aren’t the only ones to gain – these events help the young parents develop confidence and socialise with others which, in turn, builds self-esteem and positivity. We’re inviting anyone who would like to take part to get in touch as soon as possible.”

For more information on BUBS and how to get involved, visit


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